We’ve got some new reviewers – say hi!

Hey there, sports fans!

I just wanted to take the time to introduce the latest members of the TwoBeatsOff team. Our latest additions are George, Colin and Rosalia. They’re writing reviews for the site but also have some pretty exciting projects of their own. If you want to find out more about them, then there’s a little bit about each of them on our “authors” page. We’re very excited to have them on the team, and Rosalia and George have already submitted articles for your pleasure.

With some new blood here to help out, we’re hopefully going to be able to do a lot more with the site. I’m currently working on a new build along with Kitteh, and we’re hoping to get some more video content as well as features alongside our reviews, especially now that we have more time on our hands.

Thanks a bunch for continuing to support the site, and we’ll have more exciting stuff for you soon.

xoxo – Ripper

PS: when you search “punk rock beards”, our site is one of the first things to come up. That is all I ever dreamed of.


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