As We Sink – Ventures [EP]

Ventures is the latest four track release from southern UK punks As We Sink. Despite only being their second recorded release the production is perfectly raw yet warm thanks to ex Ghost of a Thousand guitarist turned producer Jag Jago. On the face of it, As We Sink play A Wilhelm Scream-esque style of breakneck punk rock, albeit with less technicality. Opening track Bitter Teeth makes no hesitation in unleashing great punk riffs and blistering drums that instantly brings to mind Make Do And Mend through similar melodies and song structure. Drifter eases the listener in with a building drum intro that breaks into fast paced riffs and gang vocals that recur throughout the E.P. Third track and highlight of the album Aching Hands, Itching Feet begins with a slow intro based around a simple yet amazing clean guitar riff. As the song explodes into an anthemic chorus it is evident that these songs were written for sing-alongs in sweaty punk clubs. Closer, Most Important Days, ends the record on a high, in a mass of raspy gang vocals that demand crowd participation.

The band will appear to some to be an amalgamation of the current US East Coast hardcore scene that has bred such bands as the aforementioned Make Do And Mend, who As We Sink bear an uncanny likeness with. Even so, this is a solid starting point for the band. They already have the musicianship and ability to write powerful sing-alongs but to really make a name for themselves the band need to concentrate on carving out their own distinct sound, rather than simply being a blend of other similar sounding bands. As We Sink are not re-inventing the wheel by any means, but what they lack in originality they more than make up for in overt passion, which oozes from every pore of their music.

4 out of 5 high fives!

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