Top 10 Bands I Would Use Time Travel To See

It happens. Bands break up, go on ‘hiatus’ (which is code for breaking up), lose your favourite member or they were finished before we were even born. All of this means that we can miss out on some absolutely amazing shows. Perhaps, someday, we’ll find a way of getting back to see those bands, via the wonderful medium of time travel! So, here’s a top ten list of bands who I desperately want to travel back in time to see.

10) The Get Up Kids

Yeah, I know they’ve reformed, but it’s just not the same! The Get Up Kids were one of the greatest emo bands around and their shows were meant to be amazing. Not to mention, it would just be so cool to say you’ve seen TGUK at their prime. So, although it’s quite possible that I could see them play again now, I’d much rather travel back in time to catch them at their best.

9) Midtown

It’s a little sad that I’ve seen two members of this band performing with separate acts, but I’ve never actually seen Midtown play. Unfortunately, the band went on ‘hiatus’ and haven’t done anything since, deciding to play with somewhat more mediocre bands instead. I’ve always thought that Midtown would be best when they’re live, so I’d definitely travel back to the ‘Forget What You Know’ era to catch one of their shows.

8) Saosin (with Anthony Green)

Even though I love Circa Survive and Anthony’s solo album, it’s just not the same as when he was performing with Saosin. From footage I’ve seen online, both Saosin in their recent incarnation and Circa Survive are incredible live bands, so the original combination would be even better.

7) Taking Back Sunday (with John Nolan)

No matter how much I loved Fred, I feel that Taking Back Sunday has never been complete since John left. I want to see Adam swinging from the rafters singing songs about teenage heartbreak again! TBS had this real frenetic energy back in the day and while that remains to some extent today, they were more raw and more exciting during the first album. I would definitely go back for that.

6) Blink-182

Despite a couple of opportunities, I never got to see Blink-182 when they were together. I watched The Urethra Chronicles over and over, I played The Mark, Tom and Travis Show at least 30 times, and this is a band I miss, and I seriously regret not seeing them. To see Blink-182 is one of the things that you just had to do, and I never did.

5) Elliott Smith

It’s been over five years since Elliott died and his music has made more of an impact on me than almost every other musician I listen to. To see Elliott Smith live would be one of the greatest experiences ever. There’s something wonderful about quiet, acoustic sets, and if I had the choice, that’s when I would go back to.

4) Against Me!

Essentially, I would travel back in time to the 31st October 2007 when I saw Against Me! For the first time. That was potentially the greatest show I have ever seen and I want to see it all over again.

3) AFI (before Sing The Sorrow)

AFI are a really, really incredible live band. But, they only ever play songs from their latest two albums, which sucks. Therefore, I would go back and see them during The Art Of Drowning era, which was arguably their best, and see them do all my favourite songs.

2) Black Flag (with Henry Rollins)

It has to be done. I was watching a recording of a show they’d done in London just after Slip It In was released and I was blown away. Rollins has so much energy and charisma. Is it too far to say I’d sell my soul to travel back in time to that show? Maybe, but that was possibly the first time I’ve ever thought that I’d rather have been born in the 1970s.

1) The Misfits (with Glenn Danzig)

Not exactly a surprise coming from me, so my number one band to travel back in time to see would be the Misfits. I know the Misfits are still touring in their latest incarnation, but I don’t even classify that as a band… more like Jerry Only trying to milk as much money out of the franchise as possible. But the Misfits with Danzig would be absolutely incredible. Danzig is definitely the greatest frontman ever, and if Evilive is anything to go by, a Misfits show is essential for any punk fan.

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