Show Stereotypes You Want To Punch In The Face pt 1

If you’re a regular concert goer, then there’s no doubt that you’ll know of the entire multitude of annoying people that can confront you when you’re there. Every time you go to a show, you will see these people. Whether it’s a low key affair with 80 people or an arena gig with 10,000 people, it’s inevitable. So, if you can’t escape it, why not poke subtle fun at their ridiculous facades? Find out how with TBO’s friendly guide!

The fangirl
Perhaps the most hated of all, the fangirl is sadly a common beast. They gather in groups, giggling away with their cameras at the ready so they can snap as many pictures of the ever so gorgeous lead singer that their Myspace will hold. Who knows, if they do enough whining and waiting, they may even get a photo with the lead singer himself. They know all the lyrics and they will sing them badly into your ears, blocking any sound of the band itself.

How to deal with them: Fangirls are relatively stupid for the most part. A simple “Look over there, it’s Gerard Way!” will distract them for a good ten minutes and send them off in the opposite direction. Alternatively, throw those free stickers that you got from the support band outside towards the moshpit. That’ll teach ’em.

The hardcore fan who can’t find the moshpit
Not quite as bad as fangirls, but almost as annoying. These guys also love the band to near rabid proportions, but it’s because they actually appreciate the music. The band just… gets them, man. Their lyrics are so perfect to life, you know? Most of the time, these guys are 15 and scared of the pit, so they jump and flail around in front of you instead, inflicting pain and irritation on a mass scale. Just asking them to move three steps to the left never works.

How to deal with them: A swift shove into the middle of the pit should sort them out in no time.

The couple at the front
Oh, how you hate the couple at the front. They’re usually attractive and in love and they will shove it in your face by kissing really overtly in front of you. They’re always right on the barrier, but they’re only ever paying attention to each other. Politely asking them to move will result in them parting, sneering a ‘fuck you’ and going back to default position. And they make you jealous because you’re single.

How to deal with them: Grab the nearest (and preferably most attractive) person to you and start making out with them. The couple at the front are not big fans of competition.

The elitist
Ah, the elitist. An old TBO favourite. They’re there to irritate you with their casual glances, hip clothing and know-it-all attitude. Really, they know everything about the band, but not in a creepy way – in that hip and awesome way that makes you wish that you were that passionate about your favourite band. They stand at the back, watching politely, eyes never wandering. Sometimes they appear with friends, but not often. You hate them because they’ll probably have a beer with the band later.

How to deal with them: The elitist never does anything to directly offend, so it’s difficult. To be honest, they’re impenetrable.

The scene queen
This used to only apply to pop-punk and those irritating metalcore shows, but now the scene queen is slowly creeping towards your subculture. You know the type – big hair, loud makeup, neon clothes; all the shit that reflects when the lights go on the crowd. They probably have a bad cursive tattoo of All Time Low lyrics across their chest and will bitch you out if you so much as look at them with mild disdain. Well, that is unless you get out a camera.

How to deal with them: Try and best them at their own game with some equally glaring makeup of your own. They hate scene queen rivals.

Remember – be prepared. Only you can protect your fellow show goers from these menaces!

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