[Pop-punk showdown!] Blink 182 by Nox

So I love Blink 182 and I still remember watching the What’s My Age Again video on TRL and laughing at these three naked boys running through the streets causing so much havoc. Well, lets just say there are several things that make Blink 182 ultimately and undeniably awesome, and I plan to talk about them.

Blink 182 has that magic that makes everyone, fan or not, want to jump around their bedroom with a hairbrush and sing along at the top of their lungs. That same magic that undoubtedly ignites that urge to play air guitar to All The Small Things as your BFFL plays along on air drums. (Don’t try to deny it, we have all done it.) This is the magic clever entertainment execs try to capture by using Blink songs in movies, commercials, and television shows. They are catchy and rebellious and absurd and everybody loves them.

For me, I remember standing at the bus stop with my walkman listening to Adam’s Song and just appreciating how someone could put into words how my life felt at its lowest. Of course, there are the lighter fond memories of the car rides screaming along to Anthem and daydreaming about The Rock Show, which for me later seemed to come true.

I love that tingle that runs up my spine when Man Overboard comes on my iPod, and the slideshow that plays in my mind every time I hear I Miss You and Always. Blink 182 runs deep in my roots and I am so stoked they are back together. It is not every day a band can piss off a band that lives for pissing people off. On their Pop Punk Disaster Tour Blink 182 made Green Day feel as if they were ‘Making fun of’ the music they made, with their toilet humor and crude lyrics, but as guys they were cool – and it was that reckless full-throttle mindset that brought them to the top of their game.

Basically, if you are looking for catchy tunes that you can sing real loud to wake up the neighbors or rock out on your stellar air guitar or bounce around to at a show Blink 182 is your band. Because to be quite honest, they are fucking brilliant. And they are definitely three snot nosed punks that know just the three chords to play to make your heart beat faster.

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