X-Men Origins: Wolverine (a review by Nox)

Okay, so I know there have been a lot of opinions flying about the new Wolverine: Origins movie and I figured I would give my two cents. Honestly, I loved the movie; however, they definitely messed up the story a LOT.

I’m going to go from least important to most, and first of all Wolverine’s love was from Japan not Canada. That was completely bogus. Also, the girl with diamond skin that played her sister looked pretty tacky (Note from Ripper: She’s billed as Emma Frost, but Emma Frost actually has telepathy, so I don’t know what’s going on with that), but quality is another story altogether. Secondly, Victor Creed is Sabretooth. Liev Schreiber did a wonderful job playing Victor in the movie, but did anyone else notice how he looks nothing like the Sabretooth in the X-Men trilogy, and how Wolverine had no relationship with him in those movies? (Note from Ripper: They chose Liev because he’s awesome and the other guy was not. That makes perfect sense to me!) Not very well thought out. The war sequences were definitely cool. I loved the whole brother team thing they had going. I do wish more comic relief could have been tied in throughout the movie and not just in the first twenty minutes. I think the entire story would have been more comprehendible if each member of the Striker team would have had a background snippet.

Finally, the big issue: Deadpool. Ah yes, let’s talk about how much they messed up his character. Wade Wilson had cancer and could only be cured by Wolverine’s power, but Chemical X mutates and disfigures him. Deadpool gets his powers through killing mutants. He is not put together like a build-a-bear and Striker never controls him using a computer. All of that was bogus. In the beginning they had Wade Wilson right on point, and might I add Ryan Reynolds does a wonderful job playing the part; however, the sword coming out of Deadpool’s hand mimicking Wolverine never happened either. I don’t know why the writer’s decided to change such important details, but it only seemed to confuse most people and infuriate others.

There’s talk of Gambit and Deadpool spin offs in the future. An after credit scene featuring Deadpool makes this rumor look probable, but as far as Gambit goes I hear there are complaints about Taylor Kitsch playing the part. Either way, I completely support separate movies for both Gambit and Deadpool, and as far as Wolverine: Origins goes I give it three out of five high fives. It was a good movie, but the writers just messed up way too much for me to give it a higher rating with a good conscience.

Warren Oakes Leaves Against Me! – We Are Upset (that is to say, fightclubsandwich and I)

Fightclubsandwich says (16:47):
Ripper says (16:48):

Fightclubsandwich says (16:48):

It irks me that this band already uses an exclamation mark
it feels like I should add in a special one
to connote my shock
Ripper says (16:49):

You have to add double, yeah
Because AM! without Warren is like a pirate ship with no beard.
Fightclubsandwich says (16:49):

Ahaha, quite the apt imagery
Ripper says (16:49):

Fightclubsandwich says (16:49):

It’s so weird. I mean, in a way I kind of feel like… now that they’ve had their first line up change, they’re a real band now?
Ripper says (16:50):

They’ve had lineup changes before now, I swear. But it’s like, the first major one since Andrew joined.
Fightclubsandwich says (16:51):

Oh, duh
you’re right
I need to go back do some Revising Axl Rose
Ripper says (16:51):

Ahahaha, for reals
Fightclubsandwich says (16:51):

You enjoyed my bad pun?
Ripper says (16:51):

I did indeed, I’m probably the only person in the world who would
Who’s gonna play drums now, anyway?
I forsee sad times ahead =(
Fightclubsandwich says (16:52):

Mr Hot Water Music
George Rebelo
Ripper says (16:52):

Oh, that might not be so bad.
Fightclubsandwich says (16:52):

sounds like he may be a bit of a rebel
shake things up a bit
Ripper says (16:52):

But tricky for both bands, I imagine
Fightclubsandwich says (16:52):

are Hot Water Music even together, still?
Ripper says (16:53):

Yeah, they reformed last year
Fightclubsandwich says (16:53):

Not gonna lie, I know little to nothing about Hot Water Music
Ripper says (16:53):

Chuck’s doing a load of solo shows at the moment so I don’t forsee much HWM activity right now
Fightclubsandwich says (16:53):

I mean, I’ve liked what I’ve heard, but… geh.
Didn’t Chuck play solo shows with Tom Gabel?
Ripper says (16:53):

Yeah, Tom supported
That I would have loved to have been able to see.
Fightclubsandwich says (16:54):

You would have a beardgasm
I suspect
Ripper says (16:54):

It would be heaven
Anna Is A Stool Pidgeon live, I’d just lose my shit right there
Fightclubsandwich says (16:55):

The Tom Gabel solo album is totally on my List
Ripper says (16:55):

I love it, it’s awesome
Fightclubsandwich says (16:55):

but I am poor and also need the latest Trophy Scars and the latest Morrissey ones
Ripper says (16:55):

Pfft, nobody needs the latest Morrissey, hahaha.
Oh, and further investigating…
Fightclubsandwich says (16:55):

What, is it really bad?
the new Morrissey, I mean
Ripper says (16:55):

AM! are bringing out an EP of older material
and no, but it’s SUMMER and you need happy music
not Morrissey, ahaha
Fightclubsandwich says (16:56):

Ripper says (16:56):
Fightclubsandwich says (16:56):
Ripper says (16:56):
Fightclubsandwich says (16:56):
Ripper says (16:56):
Not gonna lie, that actually sounds like fun.
Fightclubsandwich says (16:57):
It is from the song Cemetery Gates
I forgot you don’t know much about The Smiths
Ripper says (16:57):
No, I’m a Cure girl instead, haha
Fightclubsandwich says (16:57):
did I put it on your mix CD?
Ripper says (16:57):
Yeah, you did, but I didn’t listen to that so much, I was rockin’ the Armalite and Cher
omg, that Cher song, best thing to put on a mix cd ever
Fightclubsandwich says (16:57):

Gotta love the Cher
Every mix I ever make is full of hardcore punk and cheesy guilty pleasures
and other bits
Ripper says (16:58):

I don’t make that many, so yours was an interesting experience for me
Fightclubsandwich says (16:58):

Ripper says (16:58):

Fightclubsandwich says (16:58):

Ripper says (16:58):

Everyone needs some Jovi!
My mum would kill me if I didn’t like that song, ahahaha
Fightclubsandwich says (16:58):

I don’t even like Bon Jovi, but that song is awesome
I despise Living On A Prayer
I mean, seriously, if you could stab a song…
Ripper says (16:59):

Livin’ On A Prayer is overplayed, that’s the problem
but it’s the best thing to do on Guitar Hero
cause everyone just screams it out
Fightclubsandwich says (16:59):

That sounds like my hell
Ripper says (16:59):

Then I’ll put you through it one day, and you’ll love it, it’ll be like masochism
Fightclubsandwich says (17:00):

What did you think of the Neutral Milk Hotel songs, incidentally?
Ripper says (17:00):

Fuckin’ ace
Fightclubsandwich says (17:00):

I adooooore that album
Ripper says (17:00):

I’d listened to SOME Neutral Milk Hotel before, but not from that album
and I love it, I’m gonna have to buy that one
Fightclubsandwich says (17:01):

If you want, I can copy it for you?
I would trade you for Balzac, maybe?
Ripper says (17:01):

Haha, go for it.
Balzac are like the Japanese Misfits
but their singer is nowhere near as foxy as Danzig
Fightclubsandwich says (17:02):

not… now-Danzig
Ripper says (17:02):

Back in the day Danzig when he was still skinny, ahaha
Fightclubsandwich says (17:02):

Does he still go topless?
Iggy Pop style?
Ripper says (17:02):

Yes, he does
Fightclubsandwich says (17:02):

Oh no
Ripper says (17:02):

It’s not as terrifying as Iggy though cause he still has muscle
Fightclubsandwich says (17:02):

Iggy Pop has muscle, but it’s like, cover it up, Grandpa, I don’t want you to get a cold!
Ripper says (17:03):

Iggy Pop looks so gross though, on account of the drugs
Fightclubsandwich says (17:03):

and the smashing broken glass into his own body
Ripper says (17:03):

Yeah, not so fun
Danzig’s just built like a tank
but I could take him
Fightclubsandwich says (17:03):

I would like to see that
Ripper says (17:04):

Remember the video where he just got owned?
Fightclubsandwich says (17:04):

… no?
In what way, “owned”?
Ripper says (17:04):

Oh man, gonna have to find it
he picks a fight with this guy and gets punched in the face
Fightclubsandwich says (17:04):

I could probably go without seeing that
Ripper says (17:04):

Check it out
It’s hilarious, you need to see it
Fightclubsandwich says (17:05):

my favourite is the video where he talks about his library
Ripper says (17:05):

and he’s shirtless
in the library
Fightclubsandwich says (17:05):

“this is a book about angels of death”
“this is a book about how Christianity is a religion founded on death and murder”
Ripper says (17:06):

What was his favourite?
I can’t remember
Fightclubsandwich says (17:06):

me neither
it was probably about demons possessing children
Ripper says (17:07):

Most likely
Fightclubsandwich says (17:07):

or perhaps I’m thinking of the song Teenagers From Mars
Ripper says (17:07):

Either way, I’m watching it now
Fightclubsandwich says (17:07):



Ripper says (17:08):

When will they learn?
Fightclubsandwich says (17:08):

This is the most horrible band…
that I have ever experienced
I’m sorry, Bon Jovi, all is forgiven!
Ripper says (17:08):

Not to mention that Decaydance just sign any old shit these days
Fightclubsandwich says (17:09):

Poor Vinnie
I know he left FBR like… two years ago?
But I bet he still winces when he reads about shit like this.
Ripper says (17:09):

He got out when it just started to go downhill, yeah
I know, right?
Fightclubsandwich says (17:09):

Didn’t Discount used to be on FBR?
Ripper says (17:09):

And Jimmy Eat World, for a brief period
Fightclubsandwich says (17:09):

Ripper says (17:10):

It still breaks my heart that Lifetime are the only good band on that label.
Fightclubsandwich says (17:10):

it’s just kind of blowing my mind
it’s like living in wonderland
Cheshire Katz is mad, of course, we’re all mad here
Ripper says (17:11):

Not to mention, bands GET shit when they get signed to FBR these days
Fightclubsandwich says (17:11):

Who are you thinking of in particular there?
As in, bands that get shit?
Ripper says (17:11):

VersaEmerge, I used to really like when they were unsigned, then they signed to FBR
and their sound is awful now. They just sound like a Paramore clone
Fightclubsandwich says (17:12):

Oh. Well I’m not familiar with them, but…
Paramore… :/
Didn’t The Academy Is… play shows with the Grabass Charlestons before FBR?
Ripper says (17:13):

Dunno, can’t remember. Either way, I still like TAI…, even if the latest album’s a bit tame.
Fightclubsandwich says (17:13):

Meh. They were never my favourites, but they are fun. I didn’t like Fast Times at all, it just is so boring, it runs right out of your mind
Ripper says (17:14):

also the best quote from this Danzig interview is ‘shaking a baby in his mouth. that’s pretty cool.’
Fightclubsandwich says (17:14):

I have the sudden itching to listen to Danzig’s self titled and Almost Here
Ripper says (17:14):

‘occult roots of nazism… every schoolchild should have this book’
Fightclubsandwich says (17:15):

Going to a school run by Danzig would leave you completely ill equipped for the real world
Ripper says (17:15):

You’d be able to kick a werewolf’s ass
Fightclubsandwich says (17:15):

well, quite possibly
Ripper says (17:15):

And he’d teach you how to have amazing volume in your hair
Fightclubsandwich says (17:16):

you need to be built like Danzig to pull off the Devil Lock, I feel
I tried it once
I have no shame
it looked bad
Ripper says (17:16):

Well, he had the Devilock when he was all skinny like
so that’s not too bad
Fightclubsandwich says (17:17):

well he probably wasn’t as skinny as me, like, ever
Which reminds me, I need to sign up to a gym this summer so I can beat my housemate at arm wrestling
Ripper says (17:17):

This is true
You’re puny, it’s not your fault.
Fightclubsandwich says (17:18):

It is my fault if I refuse to do anything about it!
or… something
Ripper says (17:19):

Maybe… but for you to become incredibly beef would be like Michael Jackson becoming black again, it’s impossible.
Fightclubsandwich says (17:19):

I wasn’t planning on actually going full-Danzig
Ripper says (17:19):

He’s bringing out a new video game, you know?
Fightclubsandwich says (17:19):

Michael Jackson or Danzig?
Ripper says (17:19):

Fightclubsandwich says (17:19):

see who can warp the brains of the most children!
Ripper says (17:19):

Not gonna lie, I’d totally buy that
Fightclubsandwich says (17:20):

the real MJ game or my idea?
Ripper says (17:20):

They’d have to have special powers in yours though
Like, MJ does a moonwalk and then moon rays fire down on his opponent
and Danzig rips his shirt off and then werewolves come and attack his opponent
Fightclubsandwich says (17:21):

That sounds amazing
They would both have secret bases. MJ’s is protected by legions of crazy animals
It’s Neverland, of course
Glenn Danzig lives in a pit under a graveyard and he has zombie butlers
Ripper says (17:22):

They nom on the unsuspecting
Fightclubsandwich says (17:22):

Morrissey is the final boss, too. You have to shake him out of a big sulk
because his tears are drowning the world
if you’re playing as MJ, you have to make him hpapy and entice him to dance
if you’re playing as Glen Danzig, you have to make him angry and bloodthirsty
But anyone who wants to kill Morrissey can gtfo please

Warped Tour Diary by Nox

July 28th – Warped Tour – Atlanta

From the gates I can hear The Maine playing Girls Do What
They Want and see herds of other teens walking in from the streets where
parking costs up to $20 for the day.
There was a man standing with a Bible on the corner of the street we
came from, preaching to the world about Satan and God. A police officer was talking to another
man across the street who was holding a sign that read ‘Obey God.’

“Look, if I let you stand here I’ll have to let everyone
stand here. I can’t have that.”
The officer was saying when we passed.
The mid-day sun is hanging overhead as the amphitheatre’s security woman
scans my ticket, approving my entry followed by my companion who has agreed to
embark on this adventure with me known as Warped Tour.

The very first difference I notice as we walk in is that the
merch tents are not in the same place, in front of the venue’s food vendors, as
they have been for the passed two years.
With that said, I am not going to lie the set up this year was confusing
and a little hard to navigate even with the map provided on the back of the $2
schedules (which also listed signing times). Nonetheless, we continued to into the amphitheatre, catching
3Oh!3 on the way, where we ended up seeing Streetlight Manifesto, whom had a
fantastic set. The crowd in front
of the stage was moving in unison to each song and the entire amphitheatre was
filled with the sound of horns.

After that excitement, we set off to the land of the
notorious merch tents where I met Jac Vanek, who was quite polite and
humble. As we walked we were
stopped several times by people supporting labels, bands, and clothing
lines. I can’t even remember how
many demos I listened to while stickers and flyers and CDs were being handed to
me. Definitely not complaining
though! I scored some pretty sweet
swag while I was there.

Finally we parked it in front of the Vans stage where the
bands lined up to play included the Bouncing Souls, Less Than Jake, Anti-Flag,
and Bad Religion. Between the
Bouncing Souls and Less than Jake UnderOath played, so we headed to the
Amphitheatre once again to rest this time. We caught Meg and Dia’s mellow set followed by The White Tie
Affair, who I was actually very impressed with. I love a band that can get onstage and have a good time,
pull in their crowd, and most of all MOVES. The White Tie Affair did all of this and more, not to
mention they covered Lady Gaga’s Just Dance.

Once TWTA ended their set we went back outside for three
hours in front of the Vans tent for Less Than Jake, Anti-Flag, and Bad
Religion. Less Than Jake kept the
show lively cracking jokes and pulling people on stage for any reason under the
sun. One man had binoculars and
apparently was some kid’s dad, so he was invited up for a beer. Then a ‘dirty Atlanta girl’ was pulled
up to dirty dance “like in the movie Dirty Dancing’ on said man! Next, a Warped frequent was spotted who
had also attended LTJ’s show in Charlotte. She came up to lead the crowd in jumping jacks for the
following song, and finally about six or so people capable of playing drums
were picked out to come up to create a ‘Punk Rock Orchestra’, which was hella

Anti-Flag, not to be outdone, came out with a bang. Then, in hopes of breaking a Warped
Record initiated the largest circle pit in the history of Warped Tour. I must add that said circle pit was the
first pit I have ever participated in and I will probably do so again. Now, I don’t know if anyone reading
this has heard of The Wall of Death, but for those of you who have not it is
where the band splits the crowd down the middle and on their mark both side
rush each other flailing. It is a
huge mosh and usually results in pain for anyone involved; however, at this
show we had what Anti-Flag called The Wall of hugs and kisses. Where we were not running to hurt each
other, but to embrace one another and kiss them if we wanted. See, at this show they made it clear
that everyone was attending for the same reasons. We all love music, and we need to stand together to fight
not fight each other. If someone
falls, you pick them up. You help
each other and care for each other.
Then, my favorite part of all, they covered The Clash and played Should
I Stay or Should I Go. I’ve never
danced so much at a show.

Needless to say, by time Bad Religion came on I barely made
it through three songs before I had to seek some fluids to get rehydrated. On this trip to the amphitheatre we
caught a bit of Aiden, and the last part of Senses Fail’s set. Then, finally, we sat in the lawn for
Westbound Train who did a fantastic set and also covered The Clash as well as
part of the song Shout. Before we left we scored their autographs and I met the
Lead singer’s wife while waiting in line.
I have to say she was super super nice.

In the end I was incredibly exhausted, but my punk rock fix
was set. I am so glad I remembered
my sunscreen and sunglasses though.
Hotlanta so lived up to its name.


Live Shows

Bouncing Souls

The White Tie Affair

Less Than Jake


Swag Scored

Valencia Hot Shorts

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Hot Shorts + Sunglasses x 2

Glamour Kills Lion Tee


Guy from Valencia

Jac Vanek

Westbound Train

Kid with a big blue Mohawk that continuously skanked and
surfed through Anti-Flag’s set

Picture gallery

UNDERGROUND DOWN UNDER pt. 4: SOUNDWAVE FESTIVAL 2009 pt. 3 (yep, you guessed it, no Perth) by soufex

Wow, okay, so I’m awful, and it’s been a couple months since the whole SW insanity, but my memory is pretty good, so here we go. In the last episode, our daring adventurers had spent far too long than should be necessary in Sydney for a Melbournite, har har.

This was the first time on the entire trip where we’d had a Sidewave before a Soundwave, so it was weird not having to get up early to drive to the middle of nowhere, blah blah blah. We live just down the street from the venue, so it was a nice stroll after lunch to scope it out. We walked past Chris Conley from Saves The Day, which was pretty cool, though I don’t think I really saw anyone else from any other bands wandering around. Now, we were originally going to go to the Emery/f2f/BT show, but face pulled out, so we went with IPS/TLJ/BHG. (I think we actually could have gone and seen Nine Inch Nails, but I think it sold out or something. In retrospect I’m not entirely sure if we picked the right show, I’m still kind of weighing up the sheer awesome of IPS/LTJ against the pwnage of NIN, hmm…)

The day dragged along pretty slowly and there were a surprising number of stupid people in Melbourne. I think we brought the stupid back with us from Sydney or something. (Man, I’m such a hater. Really, Sydney isn’t that bad, there’s just a ridiculous amount of stupid people and it smells funny.) We said hello to Dan P. Carter again, very quickly got to say hey to Jesse IPS before they bolted ’cause they were late.

Now, I feel so bad for IPS. Because they put on probably the best show so far, but nobody else apart from Naja and I, and I think maybe a girl to my right, was into them. They were spectacular and their lights setup worked really well inside the Billboard. Slightly blew my eardrums out but it was absolutely amazing. (The Billboard’s a lot smaller than the Forum, and I was stoked for it.) LTJ were rad but I got kind of crushed and somewhat pwned by my anxiety so we moved out to the side and chilled and breathed and whatnot, which was good, then we checked out the merch (this is where I first learned that IPS merch sucks), and decided that BHG weren’t really worth bothering with and it would be more fun to hang around outside with a bag of original cheese Twisties and see if we could catch an elusive ska band.

We ended up chilling out with IPS on a smoke break, and missing getting puked all over by Evil Jared, so I think it was a good choice of ours to leave early. We said hey to Roger and buggered off home, trying not to get too pissed off at the fact that everyone in Melbourne had suddenly become an epic douchebag.

The Melbourne Sidewave was pretty cool before we’d even gotten through the gates! We took the tram out to the Showgrounds, and met up with lots of friends, doled out plenty of sun cream (today was the hottest so far since we’d started, and hell yeah, it was bakin’. I went to pee while Stealing O’Neal (a local band) were playing, and caught up with people during Madina Lake, though from what I could tell from the girls behind me, they were nice people and gave them free tickets and stuff. Less Than Jake were up next and played very well, as always Chris was an entertaining douchebag and Buddy cut a little bit more out of my heart to make room for him. I think after that we went for a wander to scope out the venue and got autograph tent tickets, where we got to say hey and I thanked Vinnie for following me on twitter (without me adding him first, no less!)

Finch were on before face to face, and though I’m not really fond of them, they were okay. Between sets, Trever actually came and sat down on the edge of the stage and made sure I was okay after the other night and was all concerned and had considered stopping the set and stuff, I pretty much died from epic love right there, I love Trever Keith so much. Not only is he one of the best singers I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to, he has a heart that is proportionate to the rest of his tank-like body. They played an amazing set, especially considering it was kind of a shitty time in the middle of the day.

After that we got some delicious, overpriced, chilled lemonade and went to check out IPS again. Their stage was the only one in the shade, which was awesome, and there was hardly anyone there, again, but at least that meant that the conditions were perfect for gettin’ down. (Dancing, not sex, you pervs.) It was a pretty awesome, set, not as good as the night before, but still great, and I worked up an epic sweat and felt great for it. We took a quick wander through the misting tent to cool down, met up with some more friends and grabbed some overpriced food and watched BHG again but it kind of blew. We were proper exhausted so Naja took a nap and the rest of us forced ourselves to stay awake through Alice In Chains in the bleachers. I probably would have loved AIC in my mid-teens but I wasn’t feeling them that night.

We were still knackered when Nine Inch Nails took the stage, so we stayed in the bleachers and it was really kind of amazing. The dust had been kicking up day something wicked, so between the killer light show and these immense clouds, it really looked like the end of the world was going down in front of us. Beautiful. We mustered up the energy somewhere around March Of The Pigs to go down and mosh, and skipped the very last song just so we could get a headstart on leaving. I really, really love NIN, but I also love getting home before the crush of a few dozen thousand smelly sweaty Aussies, and we were going to see them again the next night anyways.

Off we went again, and hopped onto another plane, this time headed for Radelaide. I mean, Adelaide. But it’s kind of a shitty joke that I liked from the first time I heard it, so it stuck. I’d been to Radelaide before, for Lagwagon, and eh, it was okay. People like to hang on shit on it but I’ve been in worse places. It’s very sleepy. We took the same stupid overpriced bus into the city, and when we asked the driver if he knew where the venue was, he just kind of barked at us and didn’t give us an answer. So we went way too far into the city and had to walk back like two miles, suckage.

It was freaking hot. Like, hotter than Melbourne easily. And without a single cloud in the sky; I was applying sun cream every 20 minutes just to feel like I wasn’t burning, seriously. Also, this venue from freaking tiny compared to the others; they were all at showgrounds, this one was in a park! LTJ’s stage was empty right up until they started playing, and Jesus H. Christ, I wish that I’d packed a neckerchief, or, you know, an oxygen mask. It was such an epic dustbowl because of the moshpit that I couldn’t breathe, or see, for most of their set. But then Buddy started throwing tacos at people. It was a pretty rad little set, better when Chris and Roger made everyone run to halfway across the park because the dust settled for a few seconds.

There really wasn’t that much to do that day, so we spent a lot of time in the shade and hanging around as far away from the sun and dirt as possible. I went a few shades darker than my already ridiculously brown festival tan just from dust, I swear. We met Mike Herrera who peddled us a DVD, and LTJ again just because, and watched one of the dudes from Madina Lake get ridiculously ignored by fans. Rival Schools played some time in the day and that was lovely just to chill out in the shade to. IPS played a decent set but it was incredibly hot, and the sun beat down on us all day thanx to the stage layouts, that I barely had the energy to rock out. (Oh, but I did. Nothing less than love for those guys.)

I got bizarrely owned during Chiodos‘ set by 15 year old girls. I’m not into them in the slightest, but it was the triple trouble of Alkaline Trio/New Found Glory/Face To Face coming up, so I dealt with it. Alk3 were okay as usual, one day I promise I will see them as headliners just so I can fully appreciate them instead of waiting for them to finish, same with NFG. Face put on an excellent show, especially considering the crowd was really weird; most people left after NFG, and there were some epic tools behind me, but it was worth it, f2f, regardless of the physical and emotional damage I recieve from the shows, will always be worth it.

Nine Inch Nails were the closers, again, as always, and it was, as always, beautiful. This time, we stood right up as close to the stage as we could, and bristled all over. For a lot of people, that would apparently be their last ever NIN show. (I’m not entirely sold by the wave goodbye business, but I’m still nipping at the heels of the two UK shows they’re doing as part of NIN|JA. I don’t have a ticket yet but hell if I am not at least turning up and buying one off someone… but I digress, this is about the past, not the future!) I have nothing but fond memories of every time I’ve seen NIN and this was no different. This was the first time I’d seen Robin Finck up close, and it was very cool. (I think I might be an Aaron kid when it comes down to it, but Robin has his place in history and deserves to be celebrated!) Some of the guys from Dillinger Escape Plan came up to do Wish, and that was cool. I don’t like DEP much, but it was pretty awesome to see those guys’ best moments of the lives happening right in front of me. Seeing at least a dozen people brought to tears (as well as myself) from Hurt was certainly something. I was very moved from that show indeed.

The walk “home” sucked until we went to our favourite place in Radelaide which is the Gilbert Place Pancake House, open 24 hours a day(!!!!), where we made ourselves suitably sick on awesome before wandering back to our hostel. It took me a good ten minutes to wipe off all the dirt I could without having a shower (on account of I didn’t have a towel). The beds were ridiculously comfortable, I highly rate the… hostel I can’t remember the name of any more. But it was good. We caught a relatively cheap taxi back to the airport, flew home, got dropped back, let the world stop for a few minutes. It was one hell of a trip… I’m certainly not adverse to doing it again, and Soundwave lineups tend to be awesome, but given how the company behind Soundwave went into liquidation before the festivals even started this year, I don’t know how certain a Soundwave ’10 will be. But if it does, and if I go, you’ll be first to hear about it!

UNDERGROUND DOWN UNDER pt. 3: SOUNDWAVE FESTIVAL 2009 pt. 2 (still no Perth) by soufex

So where I last left you was hanging around in the middle of bumfuck nowhere in New South Wales. Now we’re hanging around in the middle of bumfuck Sydney in New South Wales. (That’s really kind of harsh, but I just don’t really like Sydney. Being, essentially, from Melbourne, I think it’s kind of expected of me, but Sydney’s kind of bleh, personally.)

The next morning was absolutely amazing for one reason in particular: breakfast. Oh my god. I am not a morning person, I am certainly not a breakfast person, but after nearly three days without real food I was actually starting to fantasize about a cooked breakfast. We went to this little café that we rocked up to when we saw Lagwagon in Sydney earlier on in the year and had massive bitchin breakfasts that kept us painfully full until… lunch. We were going to two Sidewave shows in Sydney, tonight’s was innerpartysystem/Less Than Jake/Bloodhound Gang. Weird fucking lineup. I figured it must have been an East Coast thing or something. That, or the Soundwave promoters suck. (More on this later.)

It was probably around 11am and there were already a couple chicks hanging out. For the Bloodhound Gang. We were freaked. Turns out they’d been there since 6. Seriously. And one of them, like, cried when they met the band at the signing tent the day before. Um… there’s nothing wrong with being that devoted to a band, but really, the BHG? I don’t get it, but, whatever. People from Sydney are kind of weird. I got a quick tour of the nicer parts of the city, some sushi and cupcakes (from two places right next to each other on Pitt St and pretty much the best things there) and trundled back, chatted to Daniel Carter (ex-A bassist, lovely man) for a bit, and then spent a while remembering why I didn’t like Sydney (mostly just down to idiot teenagers who think getting trashed on cruisers at 4pm is the most hardcore thing ever, et cetera ad nauseum.)

Boring boring boring waiting, oh hey it’s innerpartysystem! They played really, really well and it was great seeing them without hearing death metal doof-doof-doof-doof in the background. I freaking love this band. (I just realised I think I’m writing in a different tense to the previous article. Oh well. Roll with the punches.) They were not insanely received, sadly, but the lineup’s so weird that people there for LJT/BHG really didn’t understand it. Boo hiss. Less Than Jake made up for the slightly soured audience by far. I forgot how much I loved seeing LTJ. (Maybe because this was the first time since the start of Soundwave that I’d actually been able to see them.) BHG are pretty rad, again, Jared does a Jägermeister bong, holds it down, I’m not exactly impressed but more slightly fearful that he’s partially made of asbestos or something.

After the show was kind of hilarious, LTJ disappeared fast into the night but we got to meet Jesse, Jared and Kris from IPS (and watch Kris very drunkenly slide down a stair railing). They’re really sweet dudes. We fucked off back to our hotel, I got to have a shower, slept like the dead. Yay.

OMG FACE TO FACE TODAY, OMG was pretty much what ran through our minds for most of the day, because holy crap, Face To Face. (Although, technically ‘face to face’, they don’t capitalise. I’m not going to capitalise from here on in because I don’t like capitalisation either.) We rocked up a little early to see if there was anyone there already and… there were, and we were like, wow, and then we remembered it was in fact Billy Talent headlining. But most of the kids hanging out there were really nice people, a couple Californians and a girl from Melbourne were especially cool. We had sushi and cupcakes again (actually, I had katsu curry because they do amazing katsu curry at the Sakura on Pitt) and went for occasional strolls to pass the time. We got to say hey to Trever and Danny from f2f (f2f is an acceptable abbreviation) and oh my god I totally got a bro-hug from Trev, pretty much the manliest moment of my entire life right there. Apparently we were cool to the other kids for not freaking out in front of the band. I think it’s just really weird freaking out in front of the band. (I did have a bit of a squeal of joy later though.) Trev and their tour manager dude gave us tickets even though we had them, which was cool because one of our friends didn’t. They’re such nice guys. Man, all the bands I like are nice.

So Emery suck and their fans are all emo bogan douchebags. Just so you know. (Sorry if any of you actually like Emery. But they sucked.) face to face were kind of ridiculously good. Roger was absolutely owning, again. Wicked shit. However, then kicks in the bad voodoo again. I have anxiety (as I have written about before) and one of the triggers is, well, getting kicked in the head by crowdsurfers. And it kind of happened, again. I was out of it for nearly the entire time but I got told by my girlfriend that security was utter shit and I was left curled up on the stage side of the barrier for a good while before she got out and pulled me off to the side herself, they started to kind-of help when I was actually out of the way. Good going, guys. Nice to see your first aid skills are top notch. Blah.

We watched Billy Talent from up in the seats, I really hope BT don’t have epileptic fans because wow, strobe lights. I really want to like BT but maybe it’s just because I was in a shit mood from having an anxiety attack but I couldn’t get into them in the slightest, and I was really fucking angry at a dude that broke one of my friends glasses and was, I think, the dude that set off my attack. I don’t fucking like crowdsurfers. He had the misfortune of trying to surf over a dozen girls who let him drop to the ground and proceeded to kick the shit out of him though. This is what happens when you kick people in the head. They will kick you in the head right back given half the chance.

Afterwards, we waited around so one of our friends could meet BT (cue many jokes about what a nice boy Billy was from Naja and I, we’re great people)- she was staying in a hotel a block away from us with her dad, and he really wanted to go and get some sleep so we offered to hang around and chaperone her back to her hotel. BT are nice guys, stoked to have played with f2f, we ended up accidentally getting a picture with their drummer. Kind of awkward for us but not a bad night I guess. f2f had flown the coop like bats out of hell so we missed saying thanx which sucked, but eh, always a next time, we live for next times. We notoriously have bad luck at f2f shows so it wasn’t that big a deal.

next up- Melbourne Sidewave/Melbourne Soundwave/(R)adelaide Soundwave!