Emotions by Nox

Originally posted by Nox in November 2009

I have noticed over the past few years how several people handle their emotions. Every person is different and has their own way to cope with situations; however, these methods are not always healthy. For instance, being introverted is just fine except when a traumatic event occurs. In such a case, you cannot expect to handle all those emotions alone. If you feel like you need to get those feelings out then do it. Do not let shyness or fear stand in your way. When you hold so much in, it starts to tear you apart inside.

I know the world may seem like a terrible place, but trust me when I say there are people willing to listen. There are people in the world that have big hearts and open minds. Sure, they may be harder to find, but they are truly out there.

Now, let me make one thing clear – expressing your emotions does not make you weak. Given, wearing your heart on your sleeve twenty-four seven is not the best idea, but in moderation, it’s okay!

If strong emotions are suppressed they will find other outlets to make themselves known. This can be anger, hysteria, abuse, and stress.

It can feel like having a monster inside or maybe you just have not noticed yourself holding back. Either way, if you notice you are unusually lashing out or becoming overly controlling in any aspect of your life then you need to find yourself a healthy outlet. This doesn’t mean you need counselling. Although it is an option it is not the primary one. Exercise and extracurricular activities can be some of the best therapy for your heart and mind. Also, utilize your friends; they care about you and what you are feeling. A day out of the house with your best buddies can do a world of good for your emotional stability. Besides, it’s always good to escape and catch a break every now and then.

All in all, don’t hold back. Let it out, but be careful about it. Channel it into something creative and enjoyable or just say it out loud. Either way, get it out. Don’t bottle it up and stow it away. Life is too beautiful to be torn apart from the inside out.

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