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I kidded myself into thinking I’d be more productive with a mechanical keyboard. It was cute, it had that kawaii aesthetic down, and I’ve always been a sucker for a more tactile experience. So I blew about £120 on a keyboard and mouse set, and another £110 on a printer stand to give myself more desk space… then when everything was set up and done, I thought “wow, that’s done. Great job, everyone. Now I’ll go play some Horizon: Forbidden West.”

The heart wants what it wants. 

The heart also wanted a Snorlax desk mat, in my quest for the perfect office space. So that’s another £20 on Etsy.

(In my defence, it’s very cute.)

Generally, I am trying to be gentler when it comes to my goals. I have a lot going on this year – to start with, a wedding – but I know the positive impact on my brain when I do things that are sometimes a challenge. I went to the gym today, and sure, it was two hours out of my day, but I feel much better for moving my body. So I look forward to giving my brain a workout, too. Last weekend, I managed to get my novel’s first draft up to 20,000+ words, which is probably the most I’ve contributed to one project in… shit, about 10 years? Inside, my rational inner voice is screaming “take the win” whereas the little gremlin that dictates my levels of dopamine is going “yeah, but it took you about 12 months, didn’t it?”

I’m not listening to the gremlin today. 

But maybe, I am listening to the part of me that wants to cosy up on the sofa under a blanket with a cup of tea and a PS5 controller. 


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