Help Get Cause of Accident Into the Top 40!

It might not be big, and it might not be clever, but the new single from Cause of Accident is very, very funny, and definitely strikes a chord. A loud and fast anti-Tory rant for the Facebook generation, ‘Sick of This Shit’ by Cause of Accident nails it on the head – we are bloody sick of these rich, self-serving twats and it’s about time we got someone else in charge of this rock.

Buy the single from Amazon or iTunes now and help get it into the top 40 in time for the General Election on 7 May. Even if it doesn’t get there, all of the profits go to The Trussell Trust, the UK’s biggest organisation of food banks, which is sadly growing and growing thanks to the current austerity measures. So yeah – we love the track, you should too, go and do some good!

Also, go and vote next week. But not for the Tories, or for UKIP, or the BNP. Ta.

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