Review: Two Houses – Disappointer [EP]

The older I get, the less I give a shit about genre. A few years ago, I’d have strived to stick Two Houses in some kind of category. Do those jangly guitar tones mean they’re kinda indie? Does that simple song structure mean that they’re actually punk? Are those vocals the kind of thing that the folk at your favourite hip music website would lose their shit over? The answer is probably yes to all of these questions, so I’m past caring. What I do care about is that Disappointer is simply a fantastic record that’s been made with love, and while it doesn’t try in the slightest to be prophetic or profound, virtually anyone in their 20s is going to resonate with it.

‘Geicsman’s Youth’ is beautifully raw and emotive, opening on those fantastically unique vocals, with plenty of melody backing it up. The record as a whole has been given that DIY and scratchy, but totally actually produced, feel and in particular, it works incredibly well in that opening track. A surprising amount of Disappointer is really instrumental, with no vocal intrusion, like ‘Kanye West Doesn’t Care About Chicago’. It’s short and sweet, and lovely to boot. The rough and raw harmonies are really heartfelt, and it’s weirdly poetic and desolate at the same time. Title track ‘Disappointer’ is low-fi indie punk and roll, and there’s a switch-up in the vocals that make each self-deprecating note, no matter how soft, hit even harder. Plus, there’s some great echoey guitar lines behind the verse that are spine-tinglingly brilliant. ‘Dude, Peyton Manning’ probably offers the most coherent story of them all. Have you ever worked in an office? This one’s for you. It’s a little ‘heavier’ than the rest of the EP, but it makes sure that the record ends on a solid track, and it’s sweetly entertaining.

Disappointer is a very clever record, and very American, but it’s also very accessible and easy to listen to. For those who are willing to delve a little deeper, you’ll probably find a new favourite band, but even if you’re just content to listen to those summery jams, there’s plenty to adore. Just don’t try and stick a label on it.

4 out of 5 high fives!

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