Review: Homage – Insignificant [EP]

2014. Is this the year of the melodic hardcore band ? Hasn’t, technically, every year since 2003 been the year of the melodic hardcore band because actually, most other music genres can just suck it? Or will 2014 just be yet another year where we’re flooded with the same band after the same band after the same band? Let’s just say I’m not losing hope quite yet. Homage released Insignificant in 2012, where it was probably prone to get lost in the never ending pseudo post-hardcore shitstream, but teaming up with Giant MKT, they’re giving it another shot.

The refreshing thing about Insignificant is that it’s tightly performed, well-produced and has a good number of intricate moments that you can really sink your teeth into. The unfortunate thing is that it sounds virtually no different to every other melodic hardcore band ever. Homage truly are a homage. Upon first listen, there are some great bits, like the Twin Peaks reference in ‘Groundwork’ and the melodic atmosphere built up in ‘Release Relief’. However, they’re somewhat forgettable, with no real impetus. It’s not to say that it’s a bad record – if anything, the EP sounds more like a ‘best of’ your favourite melodic hardcore acts. ‘Definitive’ really is that – it’s melodic hardcore 101, even if it’s a very good example of it. To their credit, it’s a difficult genre to truly stand out in, and given a longer record, with more room to experiment, Homage certainly have the potential to be great. It’s virtually impossible for an EP to have no standout track, so on Insignificant, it’s ‘Albeit’ that really demonstrates that potential. From the blast beats pervading below the distortion to the intricate indie-style picking that crashes into the verse with a dual-guitar assault, it’s a joy to listen to.

Homage still have a little way to go, but Insignificant is definitely worth picking up if this is your kind of thing. Just don’t expect it to break the mould just yet.

3 out of 5 high fives!

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