Midday Committee – I’m Sure Someone Mentioned A Cheque [EP]

Portsmouth pop-punkers Midday Committee released I’m Sure Someone Mentioned A Cheque last July, and are heading back to the studio this summer in order to record a follow up record. This being their second EP, I’m Sureā€¦ is a sixteen minute burst of sunshine that flew under the radar when it should have been dominating the record stores. From the first twiddly bars of ‘This Job Has Its Ups And Downs’, it’s clear that we’re in for a lot of fun. Rich Sanders’ vocals are beautiful, and sound even better backed up by Keiran Heath, and that’s the case throughout the EP. ‘Chivalry’s Dead, Sugar!’ has vocal lines that soar like a majestic eagle, as well as some cheeky acoustic guitar punctuating throughout just to keep you on your toes. Although these tracks are a lot of fun, it’s ‘We Have A Particular Set Of Skills’ that really shows the weight these guys can pull. Breaking out all the tools in their arsenal – those sublime vocals, well placed gang shouts, inspiring lyrics, perfect melodies and infectious basslines to say the least – Midday Committee have written a guaranteed hit, perfect for the stage. Latest single, ‘Starry Eyes’ has a chorus that was made for singing along to, preferably in the car on the way to the beach (and probably in a country with a bit more sun than we’ll be getting). It’s the weakest song on the EP – it goes on a bit longer than it needs to – but it’s still tons of fun and showcases the rhythm section at its best.

Admittedly, Midday Committee completely play it by the book. This is pretty much pop-punk 101 in a nutshell. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s not a shining example of the best of the genre. So next time the sun shines long enough for a BBQ, crack open a cold one and get jamming this in preparation for the next record.

4 out of 5 high fives!

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