Crash! Radio – For You, From The Heart [EP]

When you think of Canada, you don’t necessarily think of pop-punk. That’s generally the product of sunnier climes, like California or Florida. Crash! Radio, hailing from Burlington, Ontario, are about to change all of that, and may well become one of your favourite bands with an exclamation mark in the name in the process.

For You, From The Heart is a short and sweet burst of summer, comprised of three glorious tracks. Opener, ‘Be With You’, is a heartfelt, melody driven love song with one of the catchiest choruses of the year. The blend of acoustic and electric guitar works perfectly here, complimenting Michelle Calaveri’s beautiful vocals so well. ‘Walk Away’ takes on a slightly darker tone than the previous track, following the path of the broken hearted, but doesn’t fail to impress. It still has Crash! Radio’s particularly upbeat signature sound, and a totally awesome guitar solo to boot. Ben Lee’s drums are of particular note here, giving the track a certain power that makes it the best of the record, even if the piano at the beginning does just completely disappear out of nowhere. Closer ‘Happy Hellos Are Sorry Goodbyes’ is highly reminiscent of Good Charlotte’s early work, with just the right sense of humour and killer riffs to boot, and winds down the EP just right with some great bass hooks at the end.

If you want female fronted pop-punk done right, get yourself onto Crash! Radio. This EP is available from just $1 on their Bandcamp, and you’d be sorry to miss out on such a wonderful little record. We at TwoBeatsOff can’t wait for a full length!

4.5 out of 5 high fives

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