The Bad Times – 2012 [demo]

The Bad Times are a Coventry based hardcore band who have had roots in the local scene for years before coming together in 2011. It’s obvious from this five track demo that they know what they’re doing, and have managed to put together a visceral and compelling example of why hardcore isn’t dead in the Midlands.

The first thing is that it’s definitely fast. After a doomy, downbeat lead in to ‘No Cities’, it’s straight into business with some of the most frenzied screams I’ve heard in ages and the tempo goes off the chain. This demo takes cues from a more classic hardcore style, as is evident from the breakdowns in ’13 Days’. It’s a refreshing change from the ever increasing presence of the metalcore chugging that’s more commonly found at the moment. The Bad Times aren’t afraid to take a few risks either. ‘Rat Race’, the most impressive track on the demo, starts off slow, before bursting into a melody driven verse that positively batters you with its fury and intensity. There’s a desperation in these demos that just completely knocks you for six, and combined with the competence that The Bad Times have to display, it’s hard to put this down as just your average hardcore effort. And the drop in ‘Memo’? Simply incredible.

The band are playing Kasbah in Coventry on the 23rd November along with local heavyweights Finish Him!, who are old TBO favourites. Get down there and get in the pit because The Bad Times are actually very, very good.

4 out of 5 high fives!

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