Spineless Yes Men – Better Side Of The Bar [EP]

What can you say about an EP that’s only three songs long? Well, quite a bit really. Formed in early 2009, Spineless Yes Men (SYM) have carved out their own niche which, while clearly influenced by several artists, creates a distinctive yet somehow familiar sound. This is probably because their influences vary from rock and roll and punk rock to indie and blues music, so while not sounding like any one band out there at the moment, SYM reflect features of several: Frank Turner, Razorlight and Blink 182 to name a few.

Recorded over five days, Better Side Of The Bar consists of three songs, one of which is not even a new release. The first song on the EP, ‘Poem, Poem’, is a song the band are happy to call their signature anthem. Redone for this release, the song shows off lead singer Towers’ vocal range as well as the diverse sound the band has to offer. After a restrained opening, melodic riffs and a gripping beat ignite the song as it swings past with a blues-rock charm about it.

Songs two and three, thankfully, are new to this EP. ‘Dickens Would Have Made You A Gentleman’ is a jovial song that has catchy, indie beat to it and stands a decent chance of getting some airtime. An infectious riff will grab listeners’ attention from the outset, while Towers continues to deliver positive vibes through out the rest of the song with his narrative vocals. The moody, bluesy bass of Doughty is a real stand out feature of this track, giving it a bit of a cockney-geezer swagger.

Final track ‘Raindrop Shadows’ is more of a traditional rock song. It trades in on some of the catchy elements of the previous two to deliver a stronger sound; which, though different, is just as enjoyable. Better Side Of The Bar is a good introduction for anybody who was until now unfamiliar with SYM, albeit a pretty brief one. Hopefully the band are just holding back, waiting for a more substantial release at some later time. Either way, what they give listeners is a good preview of their abundant potential. You can definitely expect to be hearing more of these guys.

3.5 out of 5 high fives!

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