Sorry And The Sinatras – The Kings Of Shamble Street [EP]

If you like your punk rock simple, heartfelt and fit to bursting with catchy riffs, then Sorry And The Sinatras are the band for you. Fronted by Scott Sorry, former bassist of The Wildhearts and Amen, along with a bunch of other punk rock veterans, it’s a short and solid blast of big tunes.

Opening self-titled track ‘The Kings Of Shamble Street’ is bloody good fun – gruff and shouty life affirming punk rock noise at its best. ‘Valencia’, a tale of junkie love, is a lot more toned down than the previous opener, but equally as fun. However, it’s ‘Pretty Letters’ that’s the jewel of the release – fast paced, with some brilliant vocals. The chorus is absolutely fantastic, and I’ve been singing it for days. Much like ‘Bleach and Gasoline’, it would be a standout track when done live, and I’m sure that Sorry And The Sinatras are more than capable of putting on a show.

The cover of the classic The Replacements song ‘Bastards Of Young’ is a really nice addition to the EP. Fitting in with the rebel tone, it also feels like a sort of lament – has apathy taken over the youth of today? Is punk rock even really still alive? It’s clear from this EP that Sorry And The Sinatras are going to try their damned hardest to keep it all going. It’s certainly a great take on the track, by all means.

Composed of ‘lost tracks’, The Kings Of Shamble Street certainly doesn’t feel that way. Confidently self-assured, Sorry And The Sinatras have definitely given it some bollocks. It’s hardly groundbreaking, but it’s an EP that’s definitely worth a bit of love.

3.5 out of 5 high fives!

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