Reviewer slot open!

For a number of different reasons, Rosalia has decided to step down as a regular contributor. You will still see a few articles from her, but she can no longer commit to the regular reviewer position. As such, we have a slot open!

If you’re interested in writing reviews for TwoBeatsOff (with scope to get involved with other aspects of the site), then please send a sample of your work to The position is unpaid, but you’ll get the opportunity to have your work displayed on an up-and-coming zine that averages around 60,000 hits a month (that’s more than Christopher Gutierrez of askheychris fame is getting at the moment!) and get your hands on new music from some of the best new punk, ska, hardcore and alternative bands around right now.

We are open to giving more than one person the position if we get a lot of brilliant stuff, but we are essentially just looking for one more person at the moment. There will be more advertisements for positions once the site redesign has been fully implemented.

xoxo – Ripper

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