Milhouse – Thrillhouse [EP]

Self coined “nerd punks” Milhouse arrive with a brand new curious four track E.P – Thrillhouse. Hailing from Sydney, the Australian pop punk three piece are relative newbies on the scene. Intelligent and quirky, the E.P is a thoroughly enjoyable listen and the mark of a band who have already found their niche in a genre chock full of clones and bands with the imaginative capacity of a puddle. Musically, they are really nothing more than a sum of their influences – relying on tried and tested techniques, chord progressions and dynamics that channel Into It. Over It and Australian pop punks Blueline Medic. Simple, stuttering guitar work remains tight to the accomplished drums. However, it is the vocals and to a greater extent, the lyrics, that make these four songs flourish. Joyous vocal harmonies courtesy of the rhythm section lift the music into a wondrous new dimension, layering their otherwise more one-dimensional sound with sumptuous melodic hooks. The one word song titles such as ‘Cereal’ and ‘Laundry’ may be a desperate attempt at a metaphor or allegory; or, they simply denote what each song is about. A song on the subject of cereal doesn’t sound like a very inviting or revealing prospect but there is a flair and wit to the lyrics that is instantly recognisable and engaging. The song may be about a relatively bland food product but the lyrics deal with the singer’s observation of the correlation between the eating of said food and social interaction. ‘Laundry’ can be perceived as one big metaphor about relationships or on the other hand, a fast little pop punk song concerning “spin cycles” and other laundry related dilemmas. ‘Monday’ deals with the tribulations of – you guessed it – Monday, going to back to the life of work and drudgery after a few days of fun. Yet, the song possesses a decidedly Weezer-inspired chorus the gives the greatest inkling of the band’s melodic capabilities. All in all a great little record of lyrically enticing pop punk with a glaring melodic emphasis.

3.5 out of 5 high fives!

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