Tags are the new shit, or at least, I think that’s what Marilyn Manson meant.


Basically, as part of my quest to make TBO better this summer, I’ve decided to tag every single entry where appropriate. All entries are now tagged with which bands feature in them. If it’s a live review, it’s now tagged with live so you can find all our live reviews in one place. Occasionally, things are tagged with the appropriate record label. If you spot free download, you’re in luck!

Before TBO became completely music focused, I had an awesome team of writers who wrote about a wonderful variety of things. Sadly, that wasn’t the future for us, but by using the old content tag, you can find all of their writing! Each post has been tagged with what it’s about, but they’ve also been tagged with their respective author. So for example, if you’re digging soufex’s previous articles, you can look all of them up in one go!

There’s still a lot to do to the site. I’m hoping to completely overhaul the theme and put something leaner and meaner in its place. And a hell of a lot classier. But there probably will still be dinosaurs because I just can’t quit those extinct lizards. (Also, for excellent dinosaur related folk punk, you should probably go check out Fuck Yeah, Dinosaurs!) We’re also trying to focus on more video content and features alongside the reviews.

We still have a decent sized review queue, but please submit your tunes to ripper@twobeatsoff.co.uk if you fancy a review! We want to get your stuff out there, honest.

xoxo – Ripper


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