What is TBO up to at the moment? AKA revision hell

You’ve probably noticed that updates have been even slower than usual. And for that, we’re really sorry. Right now, Kitteh and I are in the final year of our undergraduate degree and right now, we have exams to prepare for and dissertations to finish. We’re trying to update once a week (maybe with a little leeway either side – might be once every two weeks but with more stuff than usual) with reviews and spotlight features until our exams are over and we can start putting a lot more effort into the site.

We have pretty much a whole month free in June so if you’re a band based in the West Midlands and would like us to interview you, then get in touch! All the contact details are up on the ‘contact me’ page, or you can Facebook us – the link to that is just to the right.

Thank you for your patience and thank you for checking us out in the first place. This started as just a fun little project between friends and now it’s so much bigger than that. Can you believe we’re almost four years old?!

xoxo – Ripper


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