Three more days.

Three more days and then my final year exams are over.

To put it pretty bluntly, that’s exactly why the site has been so slow at updating the past month and a bit and why I haven’t put anything online in the past two weeks. It’s been crunch time as me and literally all my writers/people who want to be involved in the website haven’t been able to contribute anything lately. I tried my damned hardest at the beginning of this term to keep updating once a week but these have been the most important exams of my LIFE. And the last exams that I will likely ever have to take.

Once those final exams are over, Kitteh and I are going to be raiding Crash Doubt Festival and we’ll be bringing you as much coverage as we can get away with. In the interim period, we’re going to be getting through our list of reviews. So to the PR companies/record labels, we’re deeply sorry and we appreciate your patience. To the bands that send us in their stuff, we’re even more sorry. But once Tuesday 29th May is done, then TBO is back online and we will not or cannot be stopped.

At the heart of it all, we’re just a bunch of kids that really like alternative music and we physically can’t shut up about it. So don’t worry – TBO will certainly be back with a vengeance.

Love you all,
xoxo – Ripper


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