Will Tun and the Wasters – Time Is A Bastard [EP]

Will Tun and the Wasters are a bunch of folk-punk reprobates from Reading, ready to set the world on fire with their new EP. Time Is A Bastard is a frenetic five-track offering from the band and is bound to set them apart as one of the most individual bands coming out of the folk-punk scene today. First track, Community, is a politically charged promise to stand by… well, everyone, and is rampant with fantastic solos and a truly fantastic ska-based sound with the inclusion of DJ Amalgam. The EP as a whole showcases a variety which is extremely hard to achieve in folk-punk and although influences from bands like Gogol Bordello and World/Inferno Friendship Society are clear, Will Tun and the Wasters have a distinctly English voice while sticking true to their ideals of unity, as is shown best in ending track, Cracks In The Wall, a call to arms against fascism, homophobia and racism.

Lyrically, the band range from politics to romance to fantastical jaunts on a ship. While at times, the band are extremely current and relevant, nods towards the Irish ballad (and some great tin whistle) in songs such as Four Leaf Chambers and Gypsy Road keep the EP from becoming a total ranting assault. And surely, every song on the release is bound to get everyone up and dancing with a sense of reckless abandon. The EP displays a vast show of confidence in their own abilities which is rightly deserved and their musical swagger is sure to impress even the most sceptical of punks. Vocalist Will, for who the band is named, spits out his tales with a wonderful rasp that should usually only be reserved for the saltiest of sea dogs (or Tim Armstrong) while being backed up beautifully by “The Donkey Jacketed Demon on the Tin Whistle”, according to Facebook. Every song is catchy, exciting and perfect for a hot summer’s day. With a truly ambitious vision combined with a DIY spirit, it’s only a matter of time before Will Tun and the Wasters are the new prophets of the punk rock scene.

4.5 out of 5 high fives!

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