Heads-up about some sweet live footage


My good friend Ariane (who used to write for this site as fightclubsandwich) alerted me to the most AWESOME Vimeo channel. If you like punk rock and like watching bands play but they’re not coming to your town soon, then check out this!

http://vimeo.com/hate5six is where you need to go.

They’ve got full sets of Lifetime, Iron Chic, Title Fight and Coke Bust amongst other amazing videos. Totally amazing.

Me and Kitteh are probably gonna be filming a video tomorrow, so hopefully we’ll get that up tomorrow too. I’m also gonna be going through the backlog this weekend and reviewing some EPs and singles. So deepest apologies if you’ve been waiting for a while.

Don’t hesitate to send us new stuff too – ripper@twobeatsoff.co.uk is where you need to go. I might only be able to do a review a week, but dammit, I’m gonna do it.

xoxo – Ripper

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