Hello, hello, hello!

Summer is indeed here and THAT means that we have time to work on stuff again, woo! We’re hopefully coming back up to a weekly schedule once again and have loads and loads of awesome stuff coming up, including an interview with Sean Smith from The Blackout which once all finished and edited will be very lovely indeed. We’ll be doing a giveaway soon too – if you fancy some signed sunglasses, then watch this space. And if you want to donate money to me so that I can have a camera that doesn’t rely on using a firewire cable, then I’ll love you forever.

We are also going to be selling off some limited edition TBO zines that former writer Ariane made in order to raise proceeds for some new equipment. There’s less than 20 of them in my possession and they’ll be relatively cheap too – but we want to get them out there and I need some more drawer space! If you guys like the idea of paper zines, we’d be more than happy to get on that, more than likely with exclusive content in there. Let us know.

xoxo – Ripper

PS: I did put a video of some old Shirukume tracks on Youtube but have since taken it down as I’m waiting on a better transfer method so the sound isn’t horrendous. That, plus an old interview I did with them last summer will be up soon too.


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