Resolution 242 – Resurgence EP

Resolution 242 from Stratford-upon-Avon describe themselves as a “three piece, dub influenced, progressive punk rock band” and have already amassed an impressive number of shows, playing alongside the late Ghost Of A Thousand, The King Blues, The Skints and The King Blues to name but a few. Their second EP, Resurgence, is a cheeky little precursor to their upcoming debut album and a bit of an interesting release.

Opening track, Pyramids and Poltergeists begins as a bit of a slow affair, opening with a powerful bass riff courtesy of Oliver Taylor and a great guitar tone. The vocals are spot on here with a memorable and soulful chorus which grabs you from the start. About halfway through, that punk rock begins to shine on through with a great mix between the two different styles shown in the song. It finishes off with a penetrating solo, leaving you ready for more.

Next up is Blueprints, which to begin with is fairly similar to the opening track, but towards the end takes a completely different turn. This is where the dub really comes apparent with a bloody fantastic rap section and some awesome bass. Combining this with an incredibly punk edge works well – the pounding guitar with the rap overlay sounds great. By far the best song on the EP, Blueprints is a political anthem and a half.

Finishing on Speak Of The Devil, this takes a bit of a departure from the rest, starting off on a heavier riff and blending into a slower verse, all with that dub echo throughout. The chorus is again really memorable and effective and the vocals are simply brilliant. Alex Johnson clearly knows what he’s doing. That isn’t to say that the rest don’t – Adam Payne’s drums are ace in this track, showing himself to be a highly diverse and skilled sticksman, and this features one of the best bass riffs on the EP. The song builds itself up to an absolutely epic finish, creating the perfect final track for a fantastic EP.

The EP is excellently produced but sadly, just isn’t long enough! There’s still plenty to shout about though and this shows a lot of potential. Hopefully, the debut album is going to be just as good if not better, truly highlighting the diversity that I know these guys can achieve. I’m very excited to see these guys around.

3.5/5 high fives!

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