it’s not been a slow news week but…

…it has been a busy work week.

You may or may not know that in fact, this is no media powerhouse. This is simply a little project started by myself a couple of years ago that has managed to blossom into a glorious little monster. Hence I also do a lot of stuff other than this. As of current, I’m battling with a 5000 word essay for my degree course, because I’m one of them student folk. Kitteh is too.

There’s been a bunch of great releases this week and we’re going to look at a couple. Also, if you sent us your tracks to check out, fear not! They have been listened to and write ups are in progress.

If you aren’t happy about this, then maybe you want to write for us and sort it all out. Drop me a line at if you’re a writerly person who happens to like alternative music!

xoxo – Ripper


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