Top 10 Punk Rock Beards

I just don’t know what it is about men in punk rock and fantastic beards, but if we were to draw a graph of it, I bet that there would be a strong correlation with how much more punk rock the musician was and how awesome the beard was. So, with this thought in mind, I give you the top 10 facial hair of men who are pretty damn punk rock.

(and I apologise for the crappy photo editing)

10) Hunter Burgan [AFI]

Hunter Burgan never has the full on beardiness as some of the other men on this list, but his stubble has won the hearts of AFI fans all over the world. Not to mention, that 5 o’clock shadow just makes you look cool. Best worn with lots of black, as demonstrated in the Miss Murder video.

Beard in action:

9) Chuck Ragan [Hot Water Music]

Chuck Ragan of Hot Water Music has always been most excellent, either fronting the awesome aforementioned band or playing around with his equally awesome solo project. The man can also grow a sweet beard. Before this turns into a total fangirl fest, I’ll provide evidence of beard.

Beard in action:

8) Dan Andriano [Alkaline Trio]

I bet you didn’t know that Dan Andriano has dabbled in facial hair. It’s not such a well known fact, considering he is clean shaven in every Alkaline Trio video I’ve ever seen, but believe it or not, it’s really there. See for yourself!

Beard in action:

7) Chris McCaughan [The Lawrence Arms, Sundowner]

Essentially, I was just going to post a picture of The Lawrence Arms with their painted on moustaches, because that is always awesome, but upon my Google search, I found a picture of Chris by himself for Sundowner promotion reasons. I was so struck by amazement that Chris’s facial fuzz is now our number seven.

Beard in action:

6) Henry Rollins [Black Flag, The Henry Rollins Band]

Again, the discovery of this beard was totally by accident. One day, whilst looking for a decidedly manly picture of Rollins so that I could create my own ‘What Would Rollins Do?’ shirt (as I am too poor to order one from Nothing Nice To Say), I found beard. Henry Rollins has gone through many hairstyles through his career in Black Flag, as can be discovered through this handy timeline, so facial hair is no exception.

Beard in action:

5) Max Bemis [Say Anything]

Okay, Max Bemis may not be the punkest man on this list, but he’s definitely a very original songwriter who can grab you by the balls with some of the coolest riffs ever. He also grows a very fine beard. Best implemented when he has a full head of hair.

Beard in action:

4) Derek Perry [Fake Problems]

Derek Perry has an awesome beard. There seems to be a connection with bassists and facial hair on this list (count at the end!). Much like our number three, this man has no fear of beard or in fact, manipulating beard. However, he is afraid of a giant turkey which hit his windshield. See below.

Beard in action:

3) Frank Turner

Frank Turner is not a man who is afraid of the way of the beard. In fact, he exploits his facial hair magnificently in this video. Frank has rocked many a beard, but none will ever be as great as the Fu Manchu shown in that video. Fantastic.

Beard in action:

2) Andrew Seward [Against Me!]

Andrew and our number one are in close competition for greatest beard in the world, let alone in punk rock. Seriously. This is some of the manliest facial hair ever. I’ll let the picture do the talking.

Beard in action:

1) Warren Oakes [Against Me!]

Is it any surprise, really? Warren is the only drummer I have known to look both like he’s straight out of Gainesville AND a pirate. If Against Me! ever became a pirate crew, Warren would just have to be captain. And gain some kind of piratey moniker. Perhaps Captain Awesomebeard.

Beard in action:

That’s it for our countdown of excellent punk rock facial hair. And incidentally, here’s that graph I was talking about:

I could have also taken into account how close to Gainesville, Florida someone is and how awesome their beard is, but I figured that this article had been loaded with pictures anyway. However, I can tell you that approximately 50% of the musicians in this list are based in Florida. Also, maths is for squares (literally).

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