Ripper’s Recommendations Pt 3

Kitteh is hard at work on something new at the moment so instead, I’m going to once again dictate to you what you should be consuming. As always, hopefully you’ll find something new in here, or at the very least high five me on my choices.

Band of the week: Crazy Arm
I discovered Crazy Arm a few weeks ago when investigating the Lock Up tent at Reading and Leeds because for once, I had hardly any idea who the hell was playing. The majority of bands were alright (read it for yourself) but I was blown away by Crazy Arm. Folk punk from the same label as Frank Turner. That sentence alone virtually had me sold, but you have to listen to it yourself. Absolutely astounding music. Not too aggressive, but lyrically wonderful and excessively confident. Check out their Myspace.

Movie of the week: Toy Story 3

…was my initial reaction to the trailer. I wanted to see it on release day but sadly didn’t get the chance, so I saw it now and it was amazing. We waited eleven years for that film and it was worth it. If you like the original Toy Story movies, you’ll love this one. There are so many unexpected little cameos and references alongside one of the most heartwarming stories Pixar’s ever written. The short at the beginning is also brilliant. Truth is, Pixar have never made a bad movie but the Toy Stories are the greatest and this is no exception.

Video game of the week: Dragon Age Origins
I shouldn’t have bought this, having many other games to finish, but I did and well… it’s awesome. Impeccable storytelling from Bioware in a game that is challenging and fun to play. My character, a level 20 rogue (that’s my first playthrough) has slain a dragon, got married to a king and woken up naked in prison. All in one game, you say? Well, that’s only one possible road. Bioware always make games with tons of endings and outcomes and possibilities, so it’s always worth looking at if you are an RPG fan. Not to mention, DRAGONS. EVIL ONES (my mummy doesn’t like that part, she thinks dragons are just misunderstood).

Book of the week: The Divine Comedy by Dante
Since being at university, I am a bit of a literature snob. I have expanded from reading trash about vampires – and may I remind you, NEVER Twilight… it’s all about Anne Rice – and have moved onto epics in terza rima. Sadly, I can’t actually read Italian so an English translation with beautifully gory pictures by Dore will suffice. You know the basic premise (and if not, Wikipedia it, it’s far more comprehensive than I am), and it’s certainly a compelling read. One of the ones I’ve always wanted to do. And hey, everyone enjoys a good allegory.

TV show of the week Youtube video of the week
Television is all very well and good but THIS is the only thing you need to see this week:

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