Show Stereotypes You Want To Punch In The Face: HEAVY FUCKING METAL

I remember doing one of these a long, long time ago, and even more vaguely remember saying there’d be a part two at some point. So pretty much a year later, here we go! Based on the fact that I went to a Municipal Waste show on Saturday, let’s do this METAL STYLE.

Thrash Metal Jacket
Seriously, why the hell do these guys think they’re cool? Denim jackets haven’t been in vogue since Saved By The Bell. I understand all about wanting to represent your favourite bands, but so many patches on one jacket? It’s confusing. It’s messy. It’s just not suave. These guys are also the ones who’ll be making the ‘devil horns’ gesture that nobody’s done since they were 14.

How to deal with them: Subliminal, subliminal mocking. You know you love it.

Emo kid, get the fuck outta Dodge!
The scene kid who should have been at the Kerrang! Tour next door, but decided to stick it out and be hardcore for some unknown reason. They’ll be found wearing a The Devil Wears Prada or Bless The Fall shirt, because that’s generally as close as they get to metal. You’ll recognise them instantly – just look for the fringe and skinny jeans. Usually found with friends.

How to deal with them: Fling ’em in the pit. Aiden might call out for a wall of death at their shows, but these kids will have no idea what a real one’s like.

Goth girl ain’t got style
I’m not generally one to poke fun at the goths. I went through that whole phase, I got some respect. However, when you’ve got a fucking huge mohawk, are wearing boots as tall as my shins and you’re stood right in front of me, then I’m gonna be pissed. Also, depending upon what metal gig you’re at, the goths can bring the mood right down. That’s cool when it’s Opeth, not so much when it’s Anthrax.

How to deal with them: Unfortunately, those boots are like body armour, making your job a bit tougher. However, attack them on the psychological front by wearing as much colour as possible.

Punk? In my metal show?
We can all be fans of whatever genre we like, that’s a given. But you still get those old punks – and I mean old – who share an affinity with the thrash metal guy due to their mutual love of denim jackets, studs and songs under two minutes long. Despite these deep rooted ties, they just look out of place now, especially as they’re balding, fat and work in an office.
How to deal with them: No need to bother, they might break a hip in the moshpit.

Mommy, can I go out and mosh tonight?
This was me, a very long time ago. And I bet I was annoying as fuck. You know who I mean – the little kids with parents in tow. It wasn’t too bad when I was a kid; my parents actually liked the same music as me. But I really feel for those parents who stand at the back with the merch, nodding politely, while their kids stand at the edge of the pit, too afraid to join in and generally getting in the way.

How to deal with them: Be nice! You were there too at one point. Hell, my dad still takes me to shows on occasion.