Shout out: Free Your Demise EP!

Your Demise are being top blokes and have released a new EP for free download. And bless them, they’ve stuck it up on Mediafire.

Download Three4Free here.

Lazy Bear Records’ Definitive Guide To Pop-Punk 2011

Lazy Bear Records, established earlier this year, have fast become one of pop-punk’s most valiant champions. The label declare themselves as a ‘pop-punk label’ and their dedication to the cause is simply magnificent. Not content with just showcasing some of Britain’s best new music, the label have also spawned a charity minded clothing company which regularly donates part of their profits to the Hauser Bears charity, which aids the conservation of bears worldwide. Isn’t that lovely?!

What’s also lovely is the fact that on the first of December, they’re releasing a digital compilation showcasing the best of British pop-punk. Featuring both well established bands as well as new up-and-coming ones, the compilation is absolutely brilliant. You may have seen several of these bands support your favourites recently. If you haven’t, you probably soon will, if not seeing them take centre stage. And best of all? It’s totally free.

Although the track listing is being kept pretty undercover, I can reveal to you a few of my favourite tracks and why you should be listening to these bands if you aren’t already!

The Headstart – Make Or Break
The Headstart are firm favourites at TBO – just check out the interview we did with them in September. Absolutely fantastic guys with a firm dedication to their fans, and the songs are even better. Imagine old school New Found Glory with a hint of Blink 182 and their own personal flavour. The song featured on the compilation, Make Or Break, isn’t on their debut EP, so if you don’t already have this song, this is the perfect opportunity to check it out (and then buy the EP because it’s rad)! Some great gang vocals, cheeky lyrics and general reckless abandon ahoy.

Highrise – No Hope In Happiness
Well. Not going to lie, this was a surprise. Highrise are from my hometown in the Midlands and have been going for a few years, but have really come into their own this year with the addition of Thom Parry to the fold. Combining influences like Brand New, Deaf Havana and Fightstar, the band have an anthemic and atmospheric sound whilst still retaining that party hard spirit. No Hope In Happiness is definitely more akin to Deaf Havana in its use of clean/scream vocals and equally impassioned, but feels a lot more intimate than recent DH offerings. Pretty bitter lyrics though; don’t listen if you’re feeling fragile, no matter how good those gang vocals at the end are!

Fine Young Firecrackers – Landslide
Fine Young Firecrackers are a completely new discovery for me. Landslide has got one of the catchiest choruses I’ve heard this year as well as some of my new favourite lines. Again, more great gang vocals – these bands all clearly have some major New Found Glory influences – as well as some awesome riffs. Their sound is also a bit reminiscent of The Movielife, which is pretty convenient because they’re playing a show with I Am The Avalanche soon! I can’t wait to hear some more from these guys.

Of course, there’s an absolute plethora of fantastic new bands on this compilation. Every song is a winner and these are just a few of my favourites. Do yourself a favour, head on over to on 1st December, download the comp and get into the scene. The US may be winning at the moment, but the UK has more than enough to offer, and Lazy Bear are doing their very best to introduce you to its finest.