Review: Dearist – Get What You Want [7″]

Dearist is the new project from Kyoto Drive’s singer and bassist, Adam Binder. Do not let that sentence instil you with fear – Get What You Want is no superficial, throwaway pop-rock record. Instead, it’s two tracks of soaring, atmospheric goodness, more akin to alt-rock titans Anberlin or 30 Seconds To Mars (when they’re having a good day). Indeed, Get What You Want is a promising debut and could be the beginning of something very exciting.

The eponymous track immediately signals a massive break from Kyoto Drive’s previous style. Downtuned riffs and a storming verse take precedence over saccharine guitar lines, the lyrics aren’t just about girls any more and the choruses reach new, anthemic heights. Dearist have hit on a totally massive sound, and it’s not all smoke and mirrors either – there’s a few cool effects coming into play here and there, but most of it is just through crafting straight up rock stompers. ‘Just Let Me Know (All Over Yet)’ continues along the same road as its predecessor, but introduces some beautiful piano to the mix. It’s not the lead single, but it’s the stronger of the two tracks; it perhaps lacks the immediate punch of ‘Get What You Want’ but instead, playful riffs abound throughout the verses and Binder’s breathy vocals float gently over a chorus that builds and builds into a fantastic mid-section that Jared Leto would be proud of.

Get What You Want is an intriguing debut and hopefully, a sign of things to come. I for one am awaiting Dearist’s forthcoming full-length with genuine excitement – July can’t come soon enough.

4 out of 5 high fives!