Singles roundup – 31/3/13

Blind Wall – False Signs (3/5)
Indian rock band Blind Wall have managed to straddle the boundary between prog madness and soft alt-rock surprisingly well. The vocals are soulful, there’s a good dollop of synth and some funky bass, but the instrumentals and the track as a whole just go on for way too long so that in the end, you’re left feeling a little deflated. Nevertheless, the creeping ambient vibes show a lot of promise.

Echo Park – When I’m Gone (2/5)
For a band that’s taken their name from the most exciting Feeder album, their track feels more like they delved into the post-2000 Feeder back catalogue with regards to enthusiasm. A slow, pop-rock ballad with no drive whatsoever. There’s certainly potential – the vocals are great and there’s opportunity for catchy hooks all over the place but they’re just never taken. Hopefully, future efforts will prove more inviting.

Beretta Suicide – Somewhere (4/5)
Somewhere is a riot of a single. Ridiculously fun, Beretta Suicide combine classic punk rock staples and newer innovations (like some sweet megaphone effects on the vocals) in order to create something that’s ballsy, audacious and catchy as hell. Not to be missed.

Hey You Guys!/Das Sexy Clap split single (4/5)
A split from some of Worcestershire’s finest is our single of the month. On Our Knees, the Das Sexy Clap portion of the split, On Our Knees is fucking rock and roll at its finest. Heavy on the distortion without being totally indulgent, it’s completely unafraid. And loud. And mental. The best description for Hey You Guys!’s Keston Villers’ Investment Club is “party rock”. Completely urgent and unapologetic, it’s full of fast and furious riffs and loaded with clever stuff. Both bands are definitely ones to watch.