Review: Bankrupt – Goodbye Blue Monday

Now. We all love the punk formula, right. Songs no longer than 3 and a half minutes. Guitar. Bass. Drums. Keep it simple. Do what you want. Never, ever take it too seriously.

This neat little EP from Budapest’s Bankrupt – available free to download from their website if you like them on that facetube, or the price of a pint of Magners straight off bandcamp – sticks to the formula. And makes absolutely no pretensions of doing otherwise.

Opening on a Ramones-y kick, and rattling brightly along with heavy heavy nods to the Dwarves, the Buzzcocks and generally an original ’78/79 pop-punk type vibe… there’s little or nothing to dislike here.

The toothy vocals and simple as fuck three piece instrumental set up is easy to digest, the old school as you like influences are clear to see from three hundred miles away – but this is good natured, bounce along fare. Even when they wish you would just fuckin’ die (“Timewaster”) it’s not something you’d take to heart and find anything other than charming.

Don’t expect a hard core in this. But if you want the punk equivalent of a sherbert dip (anyone under the age of thirty – google is your friend here), then go on – like these hard working central European dudes on faceybook, or hit bandcamp and run a couple of quid through paypal. Nothing to lose. And a warm afterglow to gain.

3.5 out of 5 high fives!