Review: Red Seas Fire – Confrontation [EP]

There’s a little bit of a gap in the UK metal scene at the moment. Tech-metal is constantly on the rise and fall, metalcore maintains a consistent presence and otherwise, it’s a bunch of bands who’ve been around for years and years. Of course, there’s your radio-friendly Bring Me The Horizon-esque sound too, but very rarely is there anything that blends all of this together to create something that’s diverse enough and heavy enough to please a number of different camps – well, now that Chronographs have gone all alt-rock, that is. Red Seas Fire have risen forth as a true contender, and Confrontation is an exciting, progressive and thrilling record.

‘Tyrants’ begins slowly, with haunting, echoing melodies, before leading into a powerful, atmospheric verse laden with ambient synths. The rough vocals are just on the right side of unrefined, yet still maintain a great degree of control. The switch to clean for the chorus is so unexpected, and Robin Adams sounds like a young Chester Bennington – you know, before Linkin Park got horrifically boring. The abrupt segue into ‘The Gold Room’ feels visceral, with a few hints of ‘core influence rearing their heads alongside the complex riffs. Each song is so tightly constructed, with perfect structure and a formidable rhythm section – highly impressive for such a young band. The touches of electronics throughout the record are just perfect, and the production levels are incredibly high while still maintaining a raw and instinctual feel. ‘The Grand Escape’ provides an ideal centrepiece to the EP, with a heavier reliance on synths than previous tracks, before the record finishes on the completely clean ‘Compass’. Remaining clean the whole way through lends a power to the track that it might otherwise lack, and it’s the perfect way to end the EP, as heavy bass contrasts amazingly with really sweet incidental guitar.

Red Seas Fire are absolutely ones to watch this year. Confrontation is part of a much wider vision, and will be combined with predecessor Exposition and forthcoming EP Resolution to create a complete full-length. Now available for free on Red Seas Fire’s website, Confrontation deserves your full and rapturous attention.

4.5 out of 5 high fives!

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