Review: Laughing In The Face Of – The Governor [EP]

Puns can be challenging. Used to work with a guy who made it his mission in life to purvey and promote the art of punnism in every possible context. Emails, meetings, server names. It never ended. Used to have to fight the daily urge to drag him by the hair into the gents and drown him. This lot also like a bit of that sort of thing. All four track titles are plays on words, with some kind of cryptic fish and chip shop conceit going on.


This metallic, thrashy little Birmingham outfit, also known as Laughing In The Face Of, have also hidden four tight as a gnat’s proverbial, pacey, old school HC-spirited tracks under a smokescreen of these knowingly dumb song titles. In all, this is a bit of a DIY belter. I can completely forgive song titles like “Cod Stewart” and “There’s Something Fishy About this Plaice” when a band nails out simple-as-fook bounce-along classic ‘core fare like this. Think Jailcell Recipes – only a lot younger and prettier – nudging into Gorilla Biscuits territory. With the odd gang chorus and guitar squeal, crisp lyrical content and clean delivery, this is nine minutes of shot in the arm positivism that gets in, does its business with a minimum of fuss and just says bye bye. And leaves. Job being done.


4 out of 5 high fives!

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