With Silent Eyes – Destroyer Of Worlds [EP]

Destroyer Of Worlds is a short, but definitely not sweet, EP from Derby boys With Silent Eyes. A dirgey metalcore affair, it grabs you by the short and curlies from the first second in and doesn’t let go again for another twelve or so minutes. ‘A Word Of Warning’ is choc a block with chugging breakdowns and hellish vocals. There’s plenty of two step opportunities throughout the track and the release as a whole, which is what I always look for in my metalcore, as well as some fun tapping. It’s got all the conventions, and while it might not be playing around with them, it’s still an exciting and explosive effort.

Next track, ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’, has a lot more melody dropping in and some Every Time I Die style guitar lines. However, the vocals are lacking the previous depth of tone that they had at the beginning, and there’s very little variance in pitch when the track needs it most. Despite that, it’s still the most tightly crafted track on the EP and by losing a little bit of the atonality that was present earlier, it shows the band’s true talents off. ‘Eradicator’ opens with a cracking sample of Oppenheimer over a haunting riff before kicking off for real, and while the band stray a little bit into the ‘tuff hxc guy’ territory with the lyrics, the sense of atmosphere built throughout the track more than makes up for it. Music like this needs that kind of horror and suspense, and ‘Eradicator’ more than has that potential. However, the end lets it down – there’s a fantastic bit where the music drops and gang vocals begin to fade out, and by reintroducing the chorus again, the band miss out on the opportunity to finish off on a very poignant and arresting note. Nevertheless, if you like your music nice and heavy, then you could do worse than take a chance on With Silent Eyes.

3 out of 5 high fives!

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