Chronographs – DNA, Worcester, 6/1/13

Shamefully, me and my comrade in arms showed up late to the Chronographs launch show. So we missed first act Akheron and will therefore posit that they were brilliant and everyone should listen to them. Luckily, that was all we skipped on, and Lichfield based Avantine (3/5) presented a solid set. Technically able and playing some massive tunes, they were a joy to listen to, but need to work on their stage presence a bit. Vocalist Leigh Moylan had tons of energy but everything else seemed a bit static.

This wasn’t the case for Hull technical hardcore monsters The Colour Line (4/5). To say that they dominated the dancefloor would be a bit of an understatement – they virtually smashed it to pieces with one of the most enigmatic perfomances I’ve seen in ages. Equal parts terrifying and enthralling, their dirgey hardcore brought Worcester to its knees, predominately in the moshpit as they got taken out by a guitar head.

Aurora (3.5/5) suffered from a few technical issues; an inability to get the levels right on Jessica Calvesbert’s vocals distracted from what was otherwise a great set. Taking cues from both pop-punk and metalcore, they’ve crafted an intriguing and unsettling sound, and smashed a wary audience’s expectations in the teeth. Aurora are definitely one to watch.

Finally, Chronographs (4.5/5) took to the stage and delivered. Suited and booted, classic microphone in tow, they filled the room with a sonic explosion of incredible technical skill and proved that they can outclass virtually any band at their level in the UK right now. And that was even missing guitarist Jack Pope. Picking and choosing from their small but impressive back catalogue, they treated fans to firm favourites and new ventures, and it was wonderful to see just how much they’ve evolved over the past two years. With mosh heavy breakdowns, melody driven riffs, classical and electronic influence, Chronographs are often polarising but not at this launch – a full house screamed their hearts out to a band worthy of all the hype.


  1. Disinformasiya
    January 9, 2013 / 2:45 pm

    Oh no, what happened to Jack?!

    These guys are getting classier by the month. Gutted I couldn’t be back for the big hometown show, but looking forward to their next outing in London for sure.

    • January 9, 2013 / 6:27 pm

      He’s still in the band, just couldn’t make the show, I think! But yeah, it was a great night, shame you couldn’t make it!

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