Singles Roundup (June 2012)

This week, we’ve had a veritable feast of singles headed our way. This is what we thought…

This Year’s Winner Is – When In Rome (2.5/5)
Isle of Man pop-punkers This Year’s Winner Is haven’t quite hit home with their latest single. Woefully underproduced, they’ve let themselves down with a fuzzy, fairly unintelligible track. If you strain closely, there are some very catchy verses, some fun breakdowns a la Set Your Goals and some cracking, yet highly Americanised (though not whiny!) vocals but it’s just really hard to hear all those elements without turning the volume right up and trying to sift through the crackling, even on decent quality headphones. Here’s hoping their next affair is a lot better mixed, as they show potential and the score would have been a fair bit higher if I could easily tell what was going on.

The Roughneck Riot – Ignorance Is Easy (4/5)
The latest offering from The Roughneck Riot hits you with a bang. Taking a departure from the typical folk-punk formula, they fuse both genres effortlessly without compromising either. It’s great to hear some electric guitars getting involved, I have to say. There’s an awesome banjo solo about midway through and some brilliantly aggressive vocals forcing you to get up and get busy. A fantastic idea of what’s to come from the debut album, The Roughneck Riot have got it down.

Jaya The Cat – Here Come The Drums (4/5)

Despite the reggae influence, Jaya The Cat’s latest single is in no way chilled out, instead becoming a rousing battlecry. There’s definitely some cool keyboard coming through, but the real highlight of the song is the simple, yet anthemic chorus – lots of na’s, lots of drums, lots of awesome. The instrumental section in the middle is also pretty rad with some sweet distortion effects and overall, bound to get you dancing down the front. No doubt I’ll be singing this for days, Here Come The Drums is definitely my single of the week.


  1. Snowy
    June 25, 2012 / 1:19 pm

    Oh hell. Looks like I’ll be listening to The Roughneck Riot – Night Train With The Reaper and that single for some time to come. Oddly not as keen on the Jaya the Cat single. It’s still damn good, but less my thing than the folk-punk.

  2. Matty roughneck
    June 26, 2012 / 11:24 am

    Thanks for the review guys!
    The new album is released july 16th!! Hope you like it!

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