Bangers – Good Livin’ [EP]

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Good Livin’, the latest EP from Bangers clocks in at about 11 minutes. It doesn’t seem like a long period of time, but it’s just enough. The Cornish trio are set for big things, recently scoring a support slot with Blink-182 at their upcoming show at the Eden Project, but is Good Livin’ able to measure up?

The short answer is a huge, resounding yes. Bangers have certainly crafted a fine release. Upon first listen, it’s impossible to not smile. Every track sounds uplifting and yet, unrelenting. In particular, opening track Good Good Livin’ achieves this with the definite potential for a massive singalong chorus and some cheeky palm muting. The Borrowers is slightly more aggressive in its tone but still features some great lead guitar at the start and a clever, intricate instrumental section towards the end. As I said in my review of Crash Doubt, Bangers are excellent musicians – living proof that punk rock doesn’t need to be three chords and some shitty distortion. The Mitigation Committee features yet another brilliant instrumental section and some sweet tempo changes, as well as some nicely done dual vocals that almost become like gang vocals because they sound so impassioned. A Man Like Jack McCall takes a slight change in direction – a much slower pace – but still features some killer woahs to create a superb ending track.

But upon a second listen, Bangers hit a totally different mark. Economic crisis, the problems of working yourself to the bone, feelings of inadequacy and rising above those feelings, as well as feeling like an outsider and an overwhelming fear of succumbing to the idiocy of the masses. All of this bubbles under the surface, the lyrics often hidden under the power of the vocals. While Bangers can craft a decent tune, they also write songs that resonate deep within. The metaphors they use mean that these songs will be relevant for a long time to come, not just within our current climate. It’s seriously clever stuff, but not alienating in any way – at the heart of it, it’s just good honest punk rock.

If you in any way, shape or form, love melodic punk rock, then it’s certainly a crime not to check out the new Bangers release. If you love good music, then it’s even more of a crime not to pick it up.

4.5 out of 5 high fives!

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