Why honors college is absolutely ridiculous by Nox

Originally posted by Nox in 2009

This year, I graduated from high school and started honors college. It’s pretty crazy, and there’s several things about it which are totally stupid, so I decided to compile a list of a few reasons why honors college is absolutely ridiculous.

1. Minimum of 15 hours required.
Now, this may seem easy enough to handle; however, when most classes are credited as three hour classes and lab sciences are credited as four the hours begin to build up. Before you know it you are bogged down with 17+ hours, which, if you don’t already know, is an insane amount especially for an entering freshmen.

2. Forum
Honors Forum may or may not be required, but in my case it is so just pay attention. In normal forums you are required to read a book and write a reaction paper. Not so bad until you have to tie that paper in to community service projects. You must weigh out pros and cons of projects and decide if they are logical for your area. This takes some thought and creativity on your part.

3. Tricksters
Friends and advisors can be tricky resources when deciding what classes to take. Naturally, your advisor is going to have all the faith in the world in you. Flattering really, that is until you get into the classes that they claim you will be able to handle. Be careful and watch what you are taking. Do your best to research teachers and assignments by using past students as resources. Find out who assigns the most essays and who gives the best notes. Take this to heart, it is extremely important. Remember you are capable of anything, but don’t pile too much on yourself at one time. Just because your friend is taking twenty hours doesn’t mean you need to. They may have a schedule full of electives. Even if they don’t, just remember how stressed out you get under pressure — don’t set yourself up for that.

4. Internships / Hidden agendas
Make absolutely sure of your class requirements before you enroll. Classes that are listed as honors classes and not contracted do have a reason for being such. Some classes may be paired with an internship or external project. Check with your advisor and the prospective teacher ahead of time so you know exactly what you are getting yourself into. Again, hours come into play. Often these external requirements have a weekly minimum hour schedule, meaning if you are taking 18 hours and you stack a three hour project on top then really you are getting 21 hours and wearing yourself awfully thin. Be careful.

Now, these are simply pointers. There are perks to being in honors college.

1. Friends
Honors students are some of the most well rounded people you will ever meet. Various personalities are found in the honors pool of people, but each of them have passed experience with working in a group and working incredibly hard. Therefore, on the first day you already have something in common. (:

2. Teachers
Teachers treat you differently as an honors student. They expect more from you and do not treat you like you are in high school. This can be extra important when you are trying to tackle serious issues on campus, like enforcing no smoking zones. Teachers also tend to favor you because they know you are ready to work and are not there just to make your parents happy. It shows that you have a goal and you want to excel in your academic career.

3. Scholarships
Ah, free money! Being accepted in an honors program always comes with some form of financial aid. Who doesn’t love free stuff? Now, maybe you are one of those people that has the tuition covered, but think about this. Most honors scholarship can be stacked; therefore, you can use the money towards books, supplies, and even food!
Major pluses come with the hard work honors college entails, but you really have to be willing to work for it. So, all things considered, if you are absolutely crazy then you should totally apply for honors college. But if you are a slacker and just barely skim by as it is, you should steer clear — honors will eat you alive.

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