Top 10 Punk Rock Love Songs

We all know that Valentine’s Day incites mass playing of love songs. For the most part, that’s boy bands, and nobody wants to listen to the Backstreet Boys any more. So, seeing as that dreaded (by most) romantic holiday’s just passed, here’s a list of some more alternative songs to put on a mixtape to your loved one.

10) Latterman – If Batman Were Real, He Would Have Beaten The Crap Out Of My Friends

To be honest, Latterman are amazing at punk rock love songs and this one is totally my favourite.
The lyrics are adorable
, there’s gruff vocals involved and is an excellent fists-in-the-air punk anthem. This would win any girl’s heart.

9)AFI – Days Of The Phoenix

Before you say anything, AFI were still punk at this point, so this counts for the purpose of this list. Admittedly, this was when Davey started writing in even more confusing metaphors, but the message is all the same – love is captivating and wonderful. And just like Alice In Wonderland.

8) Tom Gabel – I Can’t See You, But I Know You’re There

An acoustic track found on the iTunes version of Heart Burns, this is the kind of love song I would love somebody to write for me. It’s kind of cheesy in a way (the lyrics I bought my new favourite record today/My favourites change every single day/Except you/You’ll always be number one anyone?), but it’s that kind of honest, sincere song that Gabel does best and is perfect on any mixtape.

7) Alkaline Trio – Every Thug Needs A Lady

A fantastic tale of devotion, but a little bit more romantic than Alkaline Trio’s usual violent and spooky fare. Dan Andriano’s vocals make this song really convincing and this definitely has some of the most upbeat guitar the Trio have to offer.

6) The Matches – Clumsy Heart

Love can be hard. Love doesn’t always work out. The Matches explain this well, with one of the catchiest riffs I’ve ever heard. If you listen to no other song on Decomposer, check this one out.

5) Descendents – We

Love the way that the Descendents know best – loud, fast and brash. It’s simple, to the point, and awesome.

4) The Distillers – Dismantle Me

Okay, so… bear with me on this one. It is a love song, even if it’s one about how damn awful and consuming love can be. But then again, what would else would we expect from Brody?

3) Rise Against – Swing Life Away

This is the kind of song that gets sung out by hundreds in a sweaty moshpit, and you can tell that everyone means every word. Rise Against aren’t usually known for romantics, but this acoustic ballad is beautiful, showing that love can prevail over anything.

2) Frank Turner – A Love Worth Keeping

Frank Turner may be a little more folk than punk, but this song about long distance love is one of the best on Love, Ire and Song. This has a beautiful melody influenced by the East, as well as some of Turner’s best vocals. I think this is totally the most romantic song on the list.

1) Misfits – Last Caress

Best punk love song ever. If you really want to get a girl’s attention on Valentine’s Day, kill a baby and rape your lover’s mum. Well, it worked for Danzig anyway.

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