Interview with Room 39 (by Nox)

In this interview, Nox asks up and coming Mississipi band Room 39 about their music, their fans and their crazy shows! Room 39 are pretty hard to describe musically, as they’re a mix of all kinds of styles, so check out their Myspace, linked after the interview.

How many years has Room 39 been a band, and I understand there have been several people that have played along with you guys how does that happen? Any qualifications?
We have been a band for just over 3 years, and according to Don, if you want to be a musician in our band then you have to love music and pretty much be able to count to four – though you have to have some musical background.

You guys pretty much developed your fan base by playing in local coffee shops, correct?

Yeah, we could play in bars and things more easily but the atmospheres are way different. Also, a lot of our fans in high school wouldn’t be able to watch us in bars and the atmosphere in a bar isn’t usually too healthy.

Do you like that atmosphere?
The coffee shop is a wonderful place. It’s ‘kick back and relax’ for people wanting to come and watch us perform, but anyone can see on a well rehearsed gig, so we’re working hard to keep the fans, or people just gettin coffee, entertained.

Anything exciting ever happen at a show, and if so what was the most ridiculous thing?
Well, often we dress up in random costumes. AJ once was a cowboy, Jesse a ninja, Don a zombie, and I was once this duct tape and tin foil armored gladiator.

Would you say you guys have a good one on one connection with your fans?
With some of our fans, yes, we most certainly do. Though, not with all of them, which is something I would like to change. We as a band think that the aspect of being one on one with the fans is crucial because they enjoy that… which gets them to like us even more and that never hurts!

Exactly how many instruments in all are each of you capable of playing, and how many of those do you use in your music?
Well, I know Don can play many many instruments but ones that he has used and has intentions of using are the guitar, violin, cello, egg shaker, cajon, bagpipes, and much more. Jesse brings a lead guitar and banjo to the table. AJ can pretty much play anything you set in front of him, but he mainly plays drums and variations thereof, and he also has played mandolin. I have played guitar, bass, and didgeridoo.

What’s your favorite instrument to play?

We always get the biggest response from the didgeridoo. It’s a wonderful instrument that is underutilized.

What makes Room 39’s music stand out from any other band’s?

No matter how young or old a person may be, it is still appealing. Our music is so versatile and the genres we play are spread pretty far apart.

What does the future hold, any upcoming tours or records?

Well, nothing set in stone, but I think maybe something in Nashville will be in the near future.

What sort of message do you guys try to convey to your fans, and where do you draw your inspiration from?
Music is enjoyable, so enjoy it! Also, it’s so expressive and through our body language anyone can see just what we are trying to convey. Don draws his inspiration to write songs through a lot of things but music in general is inspired by a lot of the old greats and anything in the world. If you can;t hear music in everyday life. you ain’t listening.

If you had to explain the essence of a Room 39 show in 60 seconds, what would you say?

‘Holy cow!’, boom in your face, good timing, fun laughs all around, sweet action… either that or ‘Mmmm, good!’

You can check out Room 39 at their Myspace.

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